Are you winning at social? It wasn’t that long ago that social media for business was a nice to have, rather than a must have. But, businesses are fast waking up to the power of social media as an engagement tool and a critical part of the customer journey in relationship with their brand.

This is a movement being driven by people. They have mobile devices with them wherever they go and they are continuously connected to social networks. It makes sense for them to use to interact with businesses as well as friends and family. But, are you ready to meet them there, in the same way as you would on email or the end of a phone call? Have you taken up the opportunity to get to know them better, which social media provides? And if you answered yes to both, are you managing this channel as effectively as you would any traditional channel for customer engagement? 

Many businesses are currently turning their attention to devising a clear Social strategy. The 2015 State of Marketing report highlights Social as the top channel for increased spending by businesses this year, with social media advertising, marketing and engagement listed as the top three areas for budget investment. (It’s interesting to note that in last year’s report only one of the top-five spending areas related to Social).

When it comes to social marketing, 66% of marketers stated that they already consider it to be core to their business. Two thirds of the respondents rated social media marketing, listening, engagement and advertising as either ‘effective’ or very effective’.

The reality is, every chance to share your content is an opportunity to raise awareness of your brand, influence positive sentiment, and increase brand loyalty. And, each social media post also carries the potential for customers to convert - if not directly from the post, then through interacting with your brand and taking one more step into a deeper relationship with you. When you prioritise gaining the right knowledge and the tools to leverage these opportunities, you can set up your business for "Winning at Social".

This infographic gives a great insight into what businesses are currently thinking when it comes to “Winning at Social”

If you’re keen for a starting point to learn more about how to build a strategy around your social media activity, learning from the trailblazers is a first step. Networking events like the ones organised by MediaSocial are great ways to meet other people on the same path. If you want to learn from the companies getting it really right, this year’s Future of Marketing Roadshow in July promises a great line up, including Australia Post and TEDx Sydney sharing their social success.

Alternatively, take a look at this eBook for more information and customer stories to get you inspired to get going with your social strategy. It covers the four primary steps you can take to ramp your social media strategy up to it’s full potential:

Step 1: Listening

If you are listening to your audiences you are already focusing on what you customers have to say – win! Learn the techniques to listen for the best results.

Step 2: Publishing

Learn how to contribute to conversations and to your community groups in a meaningful way, as part of a strategy that sews the seed for future conversions.

Step 3: Community Management
When you have a handle on listening and publishing it’s time to grow an mature your social presence in alignment with your business goals.

Step 4: Customer Care

Customer Care through social networks is the final frontier. When you are able to service customers’ queries and requests centrally, through all channels including social media platforms, you are truly Winning at Social!