You would be hard pressed to find someone who has experienced TED and not been moved by its content. As proud sponsors of TEDx Sydney this year, even we were caught off guard by the impact of innovation shared in thought-challenging, short talks by presenters. At the same time, we noted the strong correlation between innovation and success. 

The TED speakers in front of us had often found a direct path to success through innovation. Being ahead of the curve involves being faster than others. As this Forbes article highighting BMW's culture of innovation points out; "When the speed of failure slows, so does the speed of invention."

As a business delegate, I came away with a clear understanding that to grow success through innovation would rely upon a business's ability to instill a culture of innovation quickly, so that it permeates every area. My key takeaway from TEDx Sydney for the business community was "he who dares wins" - the rewards are there for those bold enough to innovate. It's an ethos I will carry with me going forward.

If you want to have a look at some of the insights and ideas shared by TEDx speakers in Sydney, you can access the entire day here.

With TEDx Sydney now distant in the rear view mirror, Salesforce has produced this infographic to share some of the key takeaways with you