When I was studying for my Salesforce Certified Technical Architect certification, I developed a technique to help me summarise the large amount of technical information that I needed to be across.  Being a visual person, I found the best way was for me to prepare a slide or two for each topic in the form of infographics, with the key facts and takeaways summarised graphically.  With all technical areas there is a lot of information out there but as architects, we need to be across the key aspects quickly.  

Since I passed my TA certification, some new technologies and features have emerged in Salesforce, so I have been keeping my collection up to date!  This blog features my infographic on Lightning Components, from an architectural and high-level technical perspective.  It summarises what Lightning Components are, how they are composed and the relationship between the various tools, components and apps.

I hope you find it useful and if so, watch this space for some more infographics containing key architectural and technical concepts from the Salesforce platform.

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