CommsChoice is a high growth Australian business successfully competing against some of the world’s leading companies in the ultra-competitive Telecoms and IT industries. CommsChoice provides Adaptive Connectivity as a Service using unique systems, tools and technology that reduce complexity and create transparency for their large corporate clients.

Here are some of the results CommsChoice has achieved since partnering with Salesforce:

- 30% year on year growth

- Increased customer engagement from 30% to 100%

- Customer satisfaction score of 97%

Impressive right? But how did a small business in the IT and Telecoms industry achieve such incredible growth in such a short period of time, taking them from an emerging small business to a business of choice, and leader in their market?

This is a great question right?

CommsChoice is a challenger business, which joined Salesforce with the desire to better understand their customers, target the right audience with the right content, and create a stable foundation for long-term relationships, all whilst impacting growth, and increasing their presence within the IT and Telecoms markets.


The key principle strategy behind Salesforce for small businesses is known as Find, Win, Keep. CommsChoice needed to better understand how they could effectively find new customers, win them over with targeted messaging and strong customer service, and keep them through long term customer relationships.  How is this achieved? And how can a business leader with little to no spare hours in the day, find the time to get this Unfair Advantage?

Here’s how CommsChoice got their Unfair Advantage.

CommsChoice understood they needed a solution that would enable them to move to a customer centric model.

Like many high growth businesses, they were experiencing operational bottlenecks. Despite founding the company on a vision to provide optimal client-aligned strategies, CEO Grant Ellison wasn't convinced they were operating as effectively as they could be. "People tend to make really bad decisions about IT and Telecommunications,” he says. “But if you can tailor the available technology to your business and its customers, you immediately gain a clear and compelling competitive advantage.” (CEO, Grant Ellison)

Where Salesforce came in

CommsChoice rolled out a customised and tailored sales and service solution giving its users a 360 degree view of their customers. Service Cloud provided CommsChoice with the functionality required to target support and self service enablement, designed to increase the speed and accuracy of response and maximise customer satisfaction. Salesforce Communities was implemented to encourage customers of CommsChoice to engage with with their staff and enable secure access to a rich array of business partners, insights and solutions in an ecosystem conducive of support and community values. With the Salesforce CRM effectively enabling service and sales, Pardot B2B Marketing was brought in to bridge the gap between sales and marketing, in order to better understand the CommsChoice customer. Their customer interactions, website trends and analytics surrounding marketing campaigns allowed CommsChoice, the ability to be targeted and accurate.  As a seamless but powerful platform solution, CommsChoice now had the enablement required to create an Unfair Advantage.

“When I launched with Salesforce, it was because I knew I could trust it to help us put clients at the centre of everything we do. Our experience to date has shown that we made the right choice.” (CEO, Grant Ellison)

Whilst the Salesforce platform has had a major impact on CommsChoice success, the ones who really benefit in the end are CommsChoice clients., Not only have their customers benefited from the increased levels of customer service, but we have also seen real results in performance metrics. CommsChoice have reported that 85% of their customers now outperform the ASX200.

“Our customers include market leaders in banking, health, insurance and more,” says Ellison “So we absolutely must be a market leader when it comes to communications. Salesforce has been the key to us getting out in front and staying there.”

With year on year growth, increased levels of customer satisfaction, and 85% of customers out performing the ASX200, the Find, Win, Keep strategy is vital in CommsChoice ability to have an Unfair Advantage.

Is your business ready to get the Salesforce Advantage?

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Customer Experience Keynote (Thursday 22 October, 4.15pm)

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