In the age of the customer, marketers need to connect with customers when, where and how customers want them to. See how to at Salesforce World Tour Sydney.

At the end of last year, Jeremy Smith wrote a piece for this blog asking, ‘Think you’re an effective marketer?’. If you answered yes to that question, and you want to be able to answer yes again at the end of this year, you need to go to Salesforce World Tour Sydney. Here’s why.

Right now, we’re in the age of the customer. Marketers need to use their data to connect with customers when, where and how customers want them to. At World Tour, you’ll see how to make the most of every customer interaction by creating customer journeys that deliver exceptional brand experience.

You’ll hear from the best in the region and the world, and walk away ready to connect with your customers in a whole new way. Here are some highlights.

See the future of customer engagement


Our CFO Mark Hawkins is going to take the stage with NSW Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance for the World Tour Keynote, to talk about how Transport for NSW changed the future of customer engagement. Mark will also explain how some of the most innovative companies are connecting with their customers to achieve new levels of success.

We will showcase new products and technology, including Salesforce Einstein, which will dramatically change how marketers engage with customers.

Make personalisation easy


Customers want personalisation – this isn’t a maybe any more, it’s at the core of providing the best customer experience, of both attracting and retaining customers, of turning them into loyal brand advocates.

Personalised journeys don’t have to be difficult. In the Salesforce for Marketing Keynote, we’ll show you how the world's most innovative companies are getting smarter and more predictive about their customers, creating seamless 1-to-1 customer journeys. And in the Marketing Theatre, we’ll show you how to put it all into practice, using Krux DMP and Marketing Cloud to create the best customer experience around.

Use your email program to drive cross-channel marketing


So, you’ve built a high-performing email program. Great! We’re going to show you how to keep driving improvement. Cutting edge marketers will share their stories and tactics for how you can improve the results of your email program by adding mobile, social and advertising.

You’ll see how they grow their lists, increase engagement and win-back unsubscribes, and how you can do the same to take your email marketing to new heights.

Make a better world


There’ll be opportunities to make a difference, large and small, within your organisation and for the public. Drop by the stand to help us pack boxes for Foodbank, one of Australia’s largest relief organisations, then Join Salesforce Chief Equality Officer Tony Prophet and special guests to discuss how Australian organisations can become a powerful force in creating change and a more equal world for all of us.

We believe all businesses need to focus on closing the equality gap with the same energy they put into creating new products and chasing new markets – and we want to talk about the roles we all play in making that happen.

There’s so much more at World Tour Sydney


We have so much more to show you that will change the way you work – using Facebook for 24/7 lead-gen campaigns, creating customer journeys, working with service and sales to deliver exceptional customer experience, using AI to boost customer engagement, the list is a long one!

So at the end of the day, we’re going to need to hit reset – stick around for the World Tour Party to chat with other leading marketers and blast your way into a new world of customer experience excellence.