Want to turn that prospect list into cash and advocacy lightning fast, and create deep relationships with customers? See how to at Salesforce World Tour Sydney.

Our latest sales research showed us that the top KPI of sales teams has become customer experience. So, alongside providing superb advice about hitting targets and being more efficient, we’re going to be talking CX a lot at World Tour Sydney.

Our big aim of the day is to show you the tools, and give you the knowledge and inspiration to do your job better – to exceed your sales targets, to be more productive, and, ultimately, to give your customers the sort of experience that brings them back for more.

Here’s what we have in store for you.

You’ll see how to create happy, successful customers


To help you put your customer’s success at the centre of everything you do, our CFO Mark Hawkins is going to take the stage with NSW Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance for the World Tour Keynote – they’ll be talking about how Transport for NSW changed the future of customer engagement.

Mark will also explain how some of the most innovative companies are building deep connections to achieve more for themselves and for their customers.

You’ll transform leads to cash, faster


It’s the age of the customer – sales teams must connect with customers in new ways and develop deeper customer relationships to achieve sales success. To drive sales productivity, companies must empower every sales rep to sell smarter, faster and the way they want to.

Adam Beavis, Commercial Sales Manager at Amazon Web Services, will team up with our Senior Director Sales Cloud Product Marketing Greg Gsell to show you how to turn prospects into advocates, drive revenue and be a true Sales Trailblazer – all at the Salesforce for Sales Keynote.

You’ll want to raise your voice


Tony Hughes believes that digital sales strategies see too many salespeople neglect the phone and neglect pipeline creation – that the silent sales floor is killing salespeople’s results.

So he’s going to share practical strategies for improving seller-to-prospect engagement and using technology to scale without losing that personal touch. You’ll leave ready to empower your team to pick up the phone and start building relationships.

You’ll pack a box of food for the needy and you’ll help close the equality gap


There’ll be opportunities to make a difference, large and small, within your organisation and for the public. Drop by the salesforce.org stand to help us pack boxes for Foodbank, one of Australia’s largest relief organisations. Then join Salesforce Chief Equality Officer Tony Prophet and special guests to discuss how Australian organisations can become a powerful force in creating change and a more equal world for all of us.

We believe all businesses need to focus on closing the equality gap with the same energy they put into creating new products and chasing new markets – and we want to talk about the roles we all play in making that happen.

You’ll do so much more – World Tour Sydney is a big, big day!


We have so much more to show you that will change the way you work –  you’ll learn how to turn data into sales, have a chance to ask best-selling sales author Tony Hughes your burning questions, see kids build robots and send them into the ring to fight for supremacy (yep, you read that right – it’s all about showing kids that STEM careers are loads of fun), and more.

So at the end of the day, we’re all going to need to hit reset – stick around for the World Tour Party to chat with other leading salespeople and blast your way into a new world of customer experience excellence and sales success.