Service isn’t responding to problems – it’s providing the very best customer experience. At Salesforce World Tour Sydney we’ll show you how to raise the bar.

Customer service has become a marketing opportunity, marketing and sales both look more like customer service – service has become a whole-of-business responsibility and the very best companies are making sure their systems are up to the task.

Smart data analysis means service is no longer reactive but is instead predictive and proactive, able to communicate with a customer before they even realise they need assistance. It is the ultimate form of personalisation and offers a brand an unbeatable competitive advantage.

We want to help you revolutionise your service – so here are some of the amazing things you will see, do and learn at World Tour Sydney next week.

1. Hear the power of conversational service


As customers with greater expectations interact with brands on a constantly increasing number of platforms and channels, a business faces service challenges. Fortunately, it is possible to deliver not only reactive, but also proactive service as each channel emerges and develops.

Join Service Cloud COO John Hernandez, and several special guests for the Service Keynote – they’ll demystify successful, cross-platform customer service in a mobile-first world.

2. See the real-world difference customer centricity makes


If you want to know what the future holds, join us for this case study of two businesses that were once in competition, neck and neck.

One decided to dedicate itself to being customer centric and the other went in another direction. Now one is experiencing great success and the other is battling for survival. Guess which?

Along the way you’ll be offered valuable lessons in how a business can walk the walk when it talks the talk about customer centricity. You’ll learn how customer centricity looks and feels, and you’ll discover tools to make it a reality.

3. Find out how to make everyone part of the service experience


Gone are the days when a service team could operate on its own, completely independent of the business. The entire business createscustomer experience, not just the service team.

So how do you ensure consistency of customer experience across the business? How do you make the service offering constant, coherent and unswerving?

The key is to leverage technology to create a service desk that can be accessed by anybody within the business, offering transparency across the service experience and consistency of voice for the customer.

In this session Kevin England, GM APAC of Samanage, explains exactly how to maximise service success.

4. See how to create happy, successful customers


It almost goes without saying. Almost – gone are the days when we’d see the time taken to resolve complaints as a measure of a customer service team’s success. Now, it’s all about customer experience and customer success.

You need to put your customer’s success at the centre of everything you do, so our CFO Mark Hawkins is going to take the stage with NSW Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance for the World Tour Keynote – they’ll be talking about how Transport for NSW changed the future of customer engagement.

Mark will also explain how some of the most innovative companies are building deep connections to achieve more for themselves and to work wonders for their customer service.

5. Discover field service at lightning speed


Field service management has traditionally been difficult and disconnected, resulting in disjointed information, mixed messaging and vital data being held purely in the heads of individual agents. No more.

We’re going to show you how to remove the productivity killers and customer satisfaction dampeners from the field service experience. You’ll find out how to empower your field staff to be informed, proactive and productive.

6. Find out how to create communities that boost retention


How do you quickly create a visually beautiful user experience to attract and retain customers, and to help them solve their own problems and answer each other’s questions? It’s much easier than you think. Join us in the Customer Success Expo, in the morning or the afternoon, to talk about the quickest ways to develop a stunning user community experience.

7. Take your social service to the next level


So you’ve got a social media presence, but does it do what customers expect it to? How do you know?

Our experts will show you what world-class social media customer service looks like, and how social leaders are using various platforms to develop even closer relationships with their customers.

We’ll show you how to supercharge your social service to connect with your customers, rather than putting out public-facing fires.

8. Make the world a better place


There’ll be opportunities to make a difference, large and small, within your organisation and for the public. Drop by the stand to help us pack food hamper boxes for Foodbank, one of Australia’s largest relief organisations, then Join Salesforce Chief Equality Officer, Tony Prophet and special guests to discuss how Australian organisations can become a powerful force in creating change and a more equal world for all of us.

We believe all businesses need to focus on closing the equality gap with the same energy they put into creating new products and chasing new markets – and we want to talk about the roles we all play in making that happen.

9. The list goes on – World Tour Sydney is a big day!


We have so much more to show you that will change the way you work – creating brilliant customer journeys, working with marketing and sales to deliver exceptional customer experience, using AI to boost customer engagement, the list is a long one!

So at the end of the day, we’re going to need to hit reset – stick around for the World Tour Party to network with other service leaders and blast your way into a new world of customer experience excellence.