Thanks to data, SMBs no longer have the long-held advantage of personalised service. Luckily, data insights are available to you too.

Data has levelled the playing field. No longer can the small business manager relax, safe in the knowledge that they will always offer customers a more personalised experience compared to businesses at the big end of town.

But SMBs still have enormous advantages, providing they use similar systems and technologies that corporates have been so effectively using. At Salesforce World Tour Sydney we have gathered numerous specialists, including our in-house experts and Trailblazers from within the SMB market, to share key tips and powerful messages around how you can use technology to turn your small business into a major player.

Best of all, such technology frees up time in the SMB manager’s life every day, so you can get back to doing the things you’re really passionate about.

Keynote: empowering small business


Customer expectations are changing more rapidly than ever before. Once they experience pure innovation, sales simplicity and personalised service, customers expect the same from every other business they deal with. So how can SMBs adapt and stay nimble while growing in a demanding environment?

During this keynote you’ll hear from customer Trailblazers about how they’ve solved problems, strengthened their businesses, created customer-connected efficiencies, prepared their businesses for the future and gained a healthy competitive edge.

How to make your customers successful


To help you put your customer’s success at the centre of everything you do, our CFO Mark Hawkins is going to take the stage with NSW Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance for the World Tour Keynote – they’ll be talking about how Transport for NSW changed the future of customer engagement.

Mark will also explain how some of the most innovative companies, from SMBs to corporates, are building deep connections to achieve more for themselves and for their customers.

Build an app, using clicks not code


There’s often an app for that, but what happens when there’s not? Do you keep on with an inefficient way of working or do you whip up an app right there and then, in just 20 minutes?

In this fascinating session, Salesforce Solutions Engineer Sophie Wilson shows you how easy and quick it is to turn a spreadsheet into an app using clicks, not code, allowing you to turn that disconnected series of time-sapping processes into a smooth, digital automation, and free up your time.

And if you think this is impressive, join us again in the afternoon as Sales Manager Priya Lal discusses 10 essential AppExchange apps (paid and free) that will boost every part of your business.

Become a marketing supremo using automation


We know how crazy life can be when you’re running a small business. The jack of all trades rarely has enough time to concentrate on one topic. While marketing doesn’t have to cost a bomb these days, it often takes a back seat to keeping current customers happy.

But what if you could automate marketing processes to help fuel growth, ensure the customer base continues to grow, and measure success rates of various campaigns at the same time? If you could easily see where your marketing dollars should be spent, and where they should be saved?

Michael Roberts, our Senior Solutions Engineer, is here to show you how businesses are experiencing a 50% increase in productivity and a 34% increase in sales revenue through marketing automation.

Keep it personal, just as customers expect from an SMB


Customers want personalisation – this isn’t a maybe any more, it’s at the core of providing the best customer experience, of both attracting and retaining customers, of turning them into loyal brand advocates.

Small businesses have always been expected to personalise service, but as larger companies and brands are using technology to customise experiences, SMBs have to go the extra yard to keep a customer for life.

In these short sessions the Salesforce Solutions Engineers reveal the five best practices, all completely scalable, that create truly optimised support strategies and, as a result, surprise and delight your customers.

Personalise mobile and web experiences


On today’s level playing field, small businesses can appear large, and large businesses small. Value is all in the customer experience, which more often than not begins online.

So how do you truly and meaningfully create personalised experiences, particularly on mobile platforms, to engage customers by pleasantly and positively disrupting their expectations? It’s all about the powerful use of CRM data, and SMBs can do it just as well as the big boys.

Join our Heroku lead, Michael Meisels, for this must-see session.

Make a better world


There’ll be opportunities to make a difference, large and small, within your organisation and for the public. Drop by the stand to help us pack food hamper boxes for Foodbank, one of Australia’s largest relief organisations, then Join Salesforce Chief Equality Officer Tony Prophet and special guests to discuss how Australian organisations can become a powerful force in creating change and a more equal world for all of us.

We believe all businesses need to focus on closing the equality gap with the same energy they put into creating new products and chasing new markets – and we want to talk about the roles we all play in making that happen.

Salesforce World Tour Sydney holds so much more!


We have so much more to show you that will change the way you work – a Growth lab that will propel you ahead, networking at Small Business Base Camp, hands-on learning in the Trailhead Zone and more – the list is a long one!

So at the end of the day, we’re going to need to hit reset – stick around for the World Tour Party to network with other leading entrepreneurs and blast your way into a new world of growth.