We’re literally counting down the hours until we welcome you to World Tour Sydney – we can’t wait! Here’s everything you need to know to have an amazing day.

We’ve been working all year to make tomorrow brilliant, and it’s nearly here! It’s going to be a massive day, so here are a few things you should know to make sure you get the most out of the day.

Relax, your ticket is on the way


It’ll hit your inbox Tuesday morning – we didn't want everyone digging back through months of emails to find it. And if you opted in to receive SMS when you registered, you’ll get your ticket via SMS.

If you drop your phone off the side of a ferry on your way to the ICC in the morning, relax. As long as you’ve registered, we’ve got you. Of course, you’ll still have dropped your phone off the side of a ferry. Sorry about that.

Getting there


The best taxi drop off and pick up locations are Iron Wharf Place and Zollner Circuit, both accessed via Darling Drive.

No kidding, the ICC is a big venue. World Tour entrances are on the Boulevarde/Tumbalong Park side of the building, and a map showing the entrance points is right here.

There are more tips for travel and parking on the ICC site.

You’ve probably already let us know about any accessibility requirements you have, but the ICC is fully accessible, and there’s baby change facilities, so we’ve got you covered. Find out more about accessibility on our FAQs page.

When you arrive


Check-in opens at 8.00am – wander on in and hit up the check-in desk for your lanyard and pass. You’ll need that to check in to sessions and, at the end of the day when you trade it in, you’ll get to vote on which of the charities we support will receive a donation from us – so hold onto it until then!

You can also cloak your belongings so you aren't lugging them around for the day. And if you have luggage, we’ll need you to cloak it for the day – you know, security and all that.

Dress comfortably


Did we mention it’s going to be a massive day? Just a few times? Dress for yourself, make yourself comfortable. Besides, we’re Salesforce – you might even see the odd Hawaiian shirt or two dotted around the place!

Get social!


Don’t forget to share your insights with your colleagues and the world! Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, using the handle #SalesforceTour. We’ll be sharing our fave posts throughout the day!

You really need to plan your day


There are heaps of sessions to choose from, not to mention activities and demos in the Customer Success Expo. but don’t stress – we’re here to help. We’ve created handy trailmaps to guide you through an action-packed day with all the sessions just for you. Grab your personalised trailmap here.

We’ve also gone and built an app to make sure your day runs smoothly. Download the official Salesforce World Tour Sydney Mobile App and plan your day so you don’t miss a thing. App features include personalised agendas, session details, trailmaps, your personal event feed and ways to engage with other attendees.

Here’s the app for iOS, and here it is for Android.

OMG that’s tomorrow? I haven’t registered yet


You’ll be right – you can register in the morning, so come along. We look forward to seeing you there!

Action from the day is available now on Salesforce LIVE and you can also access the presentation decks from the sessions here.

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