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Success leaves clues, and that’s why it was great to hear from real world success stories at this year’s Salesforce World Tour Sydney and get an insight into what these organisations and individuals do to achieve amazing results.

During my presentation this year, I invited Mark Pollard, National Sales Leader at one of the world’s largest travel agency groups, Corporate Traveller, to come up on stage and share some of his company’s remarkable results including how it:

  • Increased the investment in people, processes and technology to better enable the team and achieve higher growth revenue targets.

  • Achieved its target with 25% less salespeople and also added in excess of $500,000 to the bottom line from direct net cost savings.

  • Reduced sales staff churn from 50% down to 20% while significantly increasing the percentage of successful salespeople.

So what does Mark and his team owe their success to?

1. Don’t focus on targets, focus on culture


Mark told me that investing in his people through a strong onboarding and development policy has created a happier and more successful team. They changed things up and put a focus on hiring people with high emotional intelligence and this has brought healthy competition and a collaborative culture to his team.

As a result of his hiring strategy, his team has a great mix of experience level and seniority, contributing to a diverse culture. Research shows diverse teams are more productive, innovative and that they have healthier bottom lines.

Mark went on to say, “We now have a happier team where a far greater proportion are over target… there is a stronger sense of success and team spirit in the group.”


2. Start a 100 club


The team at Corporate Traveller reverse engineered the input metrics for the sales role and created the “100 Club” where the team uses technology to report on input activities such as emails sent, calls logged, discover questions asked and completed, proposals sent, etc.

“Achieving 100 points of contact consistently gets the person into the 100 Club and we know these people achieve their revenue targets,” Mark told me. Using technology furthers the culture of competition and collaboration and once the team is feeling this culture, you’re much more likely to hit those targets as they thrive on the productivity.

3. Sellers need TQ, IQ and EQ


Mark’s team combines Technical Quotient (TQ) with Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) to create the necessary levels of efficiency and effectiveness required in today’s connected and always on world.

As a wider example, many sales teams out there are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to give their staff supercharged abilities. By processing and automating customer data, AI helps salespeople provide a richer experience for customers at all points of their journey.

Boosting your sales pipeline is about more than just selling more and throwing bodies at your targets. Once your culture is conducive to success, and you’ve enabled people with technology, you’ll start hitting those targets much easier.

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