“Sell me this pen.”

Who could forget the last scene in The Wolf of Wall Street, where Leonard DiCaprio playing Jordan Belfort tells a conference member to “Sell me this pen”. The movie ends before we can find out what happens, but sales experts know effective selling is never about listing the features of a product or telling a prospect how much they will love something.  

In the digital age, sales is an art form.

We spoke with some of Australia and New Zealand’s best sales leaders and experts in our new 50 Pro Sales Tips for 2020 ebook to explore the skills, attitudes and techniques needed to master the art of sales in 2020. 

Covering the whole breadth of the sales cycle, from building a great sales culture to closing the deal, these insights will help prepare you for the challenges and opportunities ahead, and turn you into a better seller. 

Let’s see what the experts say.

To help you transform the way you sell and form deeper connections with your customers to generate more business than ever before, download our ebook ‘50 Pro Sales Tips for 2020’.