In this time of tremendous global challenge and continued business transformation, we’ve created Leading Through Change, a series for senior executives, small business leaders and those in between. 

Our goals are simple:

  1. To provide thought leadership, tips and resources from Salesforce and our community of Trailblazers to help business leaders manage through crisis.

  2. To provide a forum for community and conversation with peers.

In this series, we’ll share content that’s universally helpful regardless of your role in the organisation, as well as guidance specific to CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, CROs, commerce and service leaders, and for vertical industries. For example, we’ll share tips on employee communications, customer communications, solving for revenue challenges and maintaining customer relationships in a work-from-home era.

For 21 years we’ve listened to customers share their greatest opportunities and toughest challenges. And with 21 years of insights from the Trailblazers among us – those business innovators who have experienced personal and professional transformation – we’ll draw from our experience and these relationships, to share the best insights with all of you.

Now, I’d like to also hear from you. Please get in touch – email – to let me know what you’re grappling with, what questions you have and ideas for how we can share learnings from our customers to help inform your approach. Your input will directly affect our Leading Through Change series content, community and conversation going forward.

While these are challenging times for all of us, I’m confident that, together, we’ll also see new opportunities to connect with our customers and new ways to do business. Please share this series with anyone in your professional circle who might benefit from the wisdom and perspective of peers.

Find more advice for leadership, remote work, leading your business and more in the Leading Through Change series – our community is sharing insights and expertise to help businesses survive and thrive.