The word ‘transformation’ can conjure images of surprise makeovers and radical overnight changes. But digital transformation projects are a lot less passive. They typically take a lot of time, effort and planning.

Whether you’re trying to unify multiple business functions or processes, create customer experiences that build loyalty, empower time-poor teams through automation, or all of the above, digital transformation demands careful planning and ongoing change management. And, let’s be honest, so does a renovation.

If that sounds difficult, what’s worse is putting off innovation, transformation and digital solutions. As with renovations, they can be more difficult, resource-intensive and expensive the longer they’re left. Increasingly, digitisation is necessary to deliver the experiences customers expect and the superpowers that give businesses a competitive advantage.

Of course, a home reno isn’t exactly like digital transformation in every way. Whereas you can maybe think of a reno as a one-off project with a clear beginning and end, a successful transformation strategy typically needs to be part of a broader and more constant evolution throughout your organisation. 

Still, when it comes to planning and deploying new digital frameworks, there are some similarities to a home reno that can help make the process feel a little more accessible.