If there’s anyone who’s seen a huge variety of transformation projects, it’s Jackie Cook, Salesforce’s Senior Director of Transformation. In this infographic, Jackie breaks down the shared traits of the most successful transformation projects she’s seen to date.


When it comes to digital transformation, I’ve seen it happen from just about every angle imaginable. I’ve driven projects from within an organisation and from the outside too. I’ve witnessed wildly successful projects and I’ve dissected the less-so-successful projects, spanning a variety of sectors, industries and organisation types. 

But, despite how varied those projects have been, the successful ones all shared three major traits. 

It’s important to understand the ingredients of a successful digital transformation, because a huge amount of projects aren’t successful – at least, not as quickly as organisations hoped. And the stakes are getting higher: many organisations face an urgent need to leapfrog past incremental change and into totally new ways of working, especially in the public sector where digital service quality and data-sharing are increasingly crucial for functioning government.

Here are the three biggest factors we can see in digital transformation projects that got it right.