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4 Great Examples of ANZ Businesses Using Data to Change Their Business

Customer experience is becoming the ultimate brand battleground, and if organisations want any hope of competing on this front, leveraging data insights is crucial. 

Customer experience is becoming the ultimate brand battleground, and if organisations want any hope of competing on this front, leveraging data insights is crucial. 

A CRM has a wealth of data hidden below the surface — data that can be used to drive virtually every aspect of your business. It allows you to understand who your happy customers are, who your lapsed customers are, how many interactions you have had with them, how many products they’ve purchased, and so on. 

But, for many, this rich source of information sits largely untapped. Mostly because its vastness can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Here are four examples of how Australian and New Zealand businesses used data to improve customer experience and their processes.

Athena: using data to drive trust

Trust and reputation are paramount in financial services. That’s why mortgage lender Athena turned to their customer data in their Salesforce platform to keep their finger on the pulse of what people are looking for and how they could earn their trust.  

By collecting all their customer data in one place, Athena could have informed, personalised conversations with their customers and gain further insights into what customers liked and disliked. The result? One year after launching, mortgage lender Athena grew to more than 4,000 customers with $7 billion worth of applications.

REA Group: turning customer data into hot property

With the property market in Australia red hot, being able to cope with an increase in market demand was part of REA Group’s digital transformation vision

To realise that vision, REA Group required insight and trend-spotting capabilities offered by data analytics. Through Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Data Management Platform (DMP), CPQ, Tableau and more, REA Group was able to make their data-driven vision a reality. By creating a single source of truth REA Group has been able to use data to drive the business of the account managers within their business. With real time visibility REA Group can see if they are having more conversations quarter-on-quarter, as well as whether those conversations are driving value. 

That’s not possible without a single point of data truth.

Para Mobility: data that changes lives

Can data drive sales and also fuel passion? That was the goal for Australia’s leading supplier of disability equipment, Para Mobility

Getting the right equipment to the right person in the most efficient and cost effective way requires a lot of information to be assembled and integrated. With the help of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Para Mobility’s sales teams were empowered to unlock their data to offer meaningful solutions to their customers – that literally changed lives. 

And it’s not just their customers’ lives they are changing: in the past two years Para Mobility doubled their sales revenue, in part, due to good data management.

Australia Radio Network: announcing one source of truth for data

We’ve all heard of ARN, one of Australia’s leading media companies. With more than five million listeners across their brands, it’s an attractive partner for advertisers. But when all your data is sitting in emails and spreadsheets it can be difficult to track what is happening with each customer or advertising campaign. 

Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud and centralising customer data, has provided ARN with a single view of advertisers and opportunities in-flight. ARN went from tracking approvals in email to everyone being on the same page when it comes to pre-sales activities and knowing what needs to be done next. 

We’re proud of what our trailblazing customers have achieved. Read more case studies and customer success stories.

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