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5 Trailhead Badges to Help You Excel in Your Service Role

We’ve put together a list of the most popular Trailhead Badges for service professionals to help you focus on your career growth.

As a customer service agent you’re very familiar with the word B.U.S.Y. From solving daily tasks and managing customer enquiries to being the frontline voice of your company, you never know what your day will throw at you. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore your number one customer — you. 

Whether you’re looking to take your next step in your service career or further educate yourself so you’re dynamite at your role, these are the Trailhead Badges service professionals can’t complete quick enough.

Customer service in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As we saw in the latest State of the Connected Customer report 88% of customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives due to COVID-19. The digital imperative for customer engagement is here and communication with a brand is no longer just through phone calls, snail mail or email, but text, video, voice memo, social media and chatbots. However, technological change doesn’t mean customer service goes away — if anything that human interaction becomes more important. 

This module will help you understand how customer service is changing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and also how your customers are changing. As baby boomers move to retirement, service communication channels will become more digital as Gen Z and millennials become the dominant buyer. 

Take the Customer service in the Fourth Industrial Revolution module.

Communication skills for customer service agents

There is a reason Service Cloud has a heart as its icon. It’s because dealing with customer enquiries and unexpected emergencies requires a great deal of empathy. Being able to listen to your customer with interest, demonstrate generosity and go above and beyond to deliver a solution they are happy with requires a diverse range of communication skills. If you’re looking to master the art of communication or even take a refresher course, this Communication Skills for Customer Service module is for you.

Service Cloud Basics

If you only have time for one Trailhead module this week, make it this one. If you’re reading this article it’s safe to say that Service Cloud is one of your daily tools — so wouldn’t you like to know how to use that tool to the best of your ability? A sound knowledge of Service Cloud will see you resolve cases faster, deliver a seamless customer experience and ultimately help you be great at your job. 

Take the Service Cloud Basics module.

Artificial Intelligence for customer service

One of the biggest trends to come out of 2020’s State of Service report was that AI and automation were key players in helping service teams cope with service demand during the height of the pandemic. And the benefit that technology provides is clear in the popularity of the Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service module. If you’re a service agent looking to improve the way you deliver customer service with the power of AI, this module offers insights into how AI — otherwise known as Einstein — can automate your simple tasks so you can focus on the customer. 

But AI is not just about reducing manual labour, you can also learn more about AI chatbots and the value they can bring to a service team.

Personal productivity

Everyone thinks they can manage their time — until they can’t. Which is why modules like Personal Productivity exist. Whether you stay in the service profession or move into another career, productivity skills are the most important skills you can have. As companies continue to embrace the hybrid workplace, knowing you can be productive at home and in the office will benefit you as you grow your career. In this module you will learn how to prioritise your time, run shorter meetings (or less meetings) and set your email and calendar up for maximum efficiency. 

Take the Personal Productivity module

There are more learning opportunities on the Trailhead website.

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Megan Petersen

Megan is a Director of Global Strategic Programs Trailhead at Salesforce and has been with the company since 2007. Megan started her career at Salesforce as a Customer Success Manager, working with thousands of customers to ensure their success with Salesforce. Megan then shifted to develop our program of customer events and webinars across the APAC region. She is an avid public speaker, often found delivering the Admin Keynote at World Tour and in her current role is focused on evangelising Trailhead, building and supporting our community of Trailblazers and dressing up as a Trailhead Ranger. Connect with Megan on Twitter @MeganPTweets Check out her Trailhead Profile and her interview on the Salesforce Admins Podcast.

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