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C is for Culture. CreativeCubes.Co shares how to keep it through growth and disruption

Think tech, and it’s easy to think about the data you can collect, and how it can be used to improve your business processes.

There’s nothing like working with VIPs at the iconic Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas to really bring home the value of outstanding customer service. My experience in that high end hospitality environment meant I learned the value of making an impression and developing a relationship very early on in my working life and I’ve carried that with me ever since. 

CreativeCubes.Co is a very different environment to the Bellagio, of course, but the focus on outstanding customer experience is the same. It’s all about creating those “wow” moments that separate you from the competition. Anyone can set up a bunch of meeting rooms for people to use, but not everyone delivers a coworking space with a dedicated Happiness team and Concierge! It’s our unrelenting focus on our members that makes CreativeCubes.Co much more than a coworking space. 

A key part of our service is to help businesses create an impressive brand experience for their clients while they themselves are in the process of growing. We know that many startups and SMBs have limited resources but need to deliver the kind of dazzling front-facing experience that their clients or potential clients expect. And that’s what we can provide. Afterall, we know exactly what it’s like. As CreativeCubes.Co itself continues to expand, we’re always looking for fresh ways to excel in providing our members with amazing experiences even as we’re busy scaling.

Creating the kind of family you want to come home to

Our leadership group has worked hard to develop a culture in which any team member can feel confident and encouraged to contribute an idea or opinion. CreativeCubes.Co is less about creating a house and more about creating a home. In this sense, our organisation is very flat. There is no sense of our CEO being hidden away in a special CEO-only zone. We are all in this together as a team. 

It might look quite organic but that kind of culture can only exist successfully with real intention behind it. Staying connected to that intention is especially important as you grow. We remember every day how and why CreativeCubes.Co started and what makes us stand out from the competition.

Keeping close and consistent customer experience

There is never a more important time to keep your customer close than during a period of growth or change. Consistency is critical. Take brands like Apple or the Four Seasons. You know exactly what kind of experience you’re going to have with them and can depend on it in every interaction. That’s what we strive for at CreativeCubes.Co, even if we are going through a period of flux and expansion. Our customers can count on us to deliver that outstanding experience every single time

Having the right tools to do that is key. Our CRM system empowers us to maintain that bedrock of customer service. With it, we can treat every suggestion and every request seriously. Nothing gets pushed aside. Every bit of data is meaningful and can be analysed with a view to molding the customer experience and creating more value. Something as seemingly innocuous as a request for a particular food in the kitchen can be the tip of an important iceberg when it comes to CX. Our CRM helps us do the deep dive to make sure we’ve understood the whole picture 

Moreover, it helps us stay agile, which is particularly important in such a dynamic sector. We can be focused on multiple points, from shifts in the external market, to the changing needs of our members and the nurturing of a culture that meets those needs.

In safe hands

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented CreativeCubes.Co with the opportunity to develop our focus on trust and wellness even more. These have been tough times for everyone so we want our members to know they are in safe hands. As they start their return to work process, our commitment to providing a safe, welcoming environment is more important than ever. 

Our CRM system means we can make that process truly seamless by communicating information appropriately with all our stakeholders across a range of platforms and formats. We are constantly listening, adapting and responding so our members can concentrate on returning to business as usual. And as we have a lot of small businesses who don’t have their own dedicated HR or OHS employees or teams, we have taken on those roles and pride ourselves on becoming a leader in the field of educating businesses how to return safely to work. By anticipating their concerns, we can address them before they become problems. That might be something as simple, for example, as helping a member plot the most efficient and safe way to get to work. 

We can’t wait for a return of the serendipitous moments that come with sharing a space together – the unexpected conversation in the kitchen, the connections made in passing, the sense of community that we have all missed so much. 

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Shardae Mazzeo

Shardae Mazzeo is Head of People & Culture at CreativeCubes.Co.

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