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Calling All Government Trailblazers! Salesforce Live: A&NZ Sessions Made for You

Many people, organisations and communities have had to operate and think differently over the past 18 months.

This is particularly true for our government agencies and our public servants across Australia and New Zealand, who rose to meet the challenges thrown up by a rolling series of crises from the White Island Volcano disaster, devastating bushfires, floods and of course, COVID-19.

At the Salesforce Live: A&NZ Government Trailblazer episode on 27 April we are celebrating agencies who have laid the foundation to support their employees to do things differently, not only in responding to immediate challenges, but also in the months and years ahead. In particular, we focus on what lessons can we learn to help agencies continue to get closer to their stakeholders and deliver more effective and efficient policies and services.

Session: Government with 2020 vision

The speed and scale that government agencies and public servants across Australia and New Zealand responded to the evolving crises of 2020 will be analysed by a panel hosted by the Australian Financial Review’s Tom Burton and featuring The Hon. Christopher Pyne and Samantha Mostyn AO. The discussion will focus on how government agencies can continue adapting and learning from its proactive, transparent and personalised communication with citizens.

Session: Social services making an impact

The Australian National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is sharing how they are rethinking the way social services are delivered to the community. By reimagining the relationship between all stakeholders, they have taken significant steps towards putting the customer in the decision chair on matters regarding their care. The augmentation of the scheme has already required some fundamental changes to how the agency runs their business, including increasing transparency over the entire claims processing journey for the customer, the provider and the agency. We will hear more about how the NDIA supported these changes from deputy Chief Information Officer Ron Coldebella.

Session: Bringing together skills, businesses and people

The State of Industrial Sales & Marketing report shows that manufacturers that had not implemented digital technologies prior to COVID-19 not only found themselves struggling through the pandemic but have also found it more difficult to catch up, due to the constraints of their systems, processes and delays in global supply chains. With demand for  PPE top of mind for governments, the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) realised they needed to develop a digital solution to connect local manufacturers, suppliers and customers along the production chain. 

Hear from Managing Director, Jens Goennemann, and Communications and PR Manager, Tyson Bowen, on how AMCG implemented a speedy and effective self-managed digital platform to bring together skills, businesses and people in our community at the height of the pandemic.

Session: Trust in Government

A year on from our research collaboration with Boston Consulting Group on the Trust Imperative report, we sit down with Miguel Carrasco, BCG’s Global Leader for Center for Digital Government, to take a look at the future of trust and the latest findings from the upcoming report, Trust Imperative 2: This time it’s personal

In an era where we check-in to venues using a government app and complete permit passes to cross certain state borders, the challenge has now become one of opportunity. What will governments across Australia and New Zealand do with this new flow of real-time information? The updated Trust Report will look at the road from privacy to personalisation and latest on trust and government as our nations look to protect and support lives and livelihoods beyond the crisis.

Catch up on all the on-demand episodes from Salesforce Live: A&NZ for Government Trailblazers here.

Salesforce Live: Australia and New Zealand
Gisele Kapterian

Gisele Kapterian is Director, Public Sector Strategy, APAC at Salesforce. Prior to joining Salesforce, Gisele served five years as political adviser to three Australian Federal Cabinet Ministers, including as Chief of Staff in the super-portfolio of Industry, Innovation and Employment.  Her responsibilities and achievements while in government include helping drive and shape the Australian Government’s tech future strategy, trade components of the Foreign Policy White Paper, and elevating and prioritising digital trade issues, including helping drive the digital trade agenda initiative at the 11th WTO Ministerial. As an international trade lawyer, Gislele advised sovereign governments and the private sector on trade matters, appearing as counsel before dispute resolution panels and the World Trade Organization Appellate Body. She also lectured in International Trade Law and Finance at Macquarie University.

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