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Going Deeper Into Customer Data and Marketing Personalisation

The more that Norths Collective has explored the digital marketing potential of the Salesforce ecosystem, the more they are reaping the rewards. Robert Lopez, General Manager of CX, Brand and Innovation, reveals the great strides Norths Collective have made over the past year and takes us through their vision for the future .

Five Traits of Great Sales Reps

We got the insights from sales leaders on how sales reps can skill up their strategies, scale up their process and speed up their revenue in our 21 Pro Tips for Sales Reps e-book. Now, we’re sharing how those insights can help sales leaders and managers find their next sales rep superstar.

The Power of AI for Accurate Sales Forecasting

AI is the not-so-secret weapon of high performing sales teams when it comes to accurate forecasting and getting closer to the customer. Justine Gribble explores tips and insights from our latest ebook, Boost Sales Productivity, to show how AI can help sales teams close deals.

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