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How to Design and Build Ethical AI

Fewer than half of managers in organisations that are using or planning to start using Artificial intelligence (AI) are very confident that they and their companies understand the ethical risks. Here, Sassoon Grigorian recaps a recent webinar with leaders in ethical AI, Infusing Ethics into AI Policy.

How AI Turns Sales Reps Into Insight Sellers

These days consumers and businesses no longer think of artificial intelligence (AI) as something from a sci-fi movie or book – that’s because AI is now part of everyday life. Just think of Netflix’s suggestion algorithm, Uber’s location algorithm and even Tinder’s matching algorithm – all business models powered by AI to help drive consumer decisions.

4 ways to add muscle to your marketing automation

Over years of working in martech, Senior Director Marketing Cloud APAC Ray Moukaddem has seen many companies approach marketing automation platforms with the same ambition – to increase customer engagement and ROI. Here, he shares his top automation tips for marketers to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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