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5 Ways to Make Zero-Regret Tech Decisions

Digital solutions are increasingly vital for growing your business and meeting customer expectations, but there’s a lot of technology out there — leaders face tricky questions and choices around their tech strategy. Here are some tips on making those choices with confidence.

How Government And IT Trailblazers Are Forging A Better Future

In the final two episodes of Salesforce Live: Australia & New Zealand, we heard Trailblazers, leaders and experts weigh in on what’s next for two distinct areas: Government and IT & Admin. While most of the challenges were different, many of the opportunities and paths forward shared some common themes. See the highlights and key takeaways below or watch the sessions on demand.

Q&A: How Veolia’s Collaborative IT Drives Digital-First Businesses

A change of structure at Veolia provided the foundation for the business to tackle the demands of COVID-19. Di Terry, Salesforce’s Vice President, Australia – Solution Engineering caught up with Ben Sullivan, Chief Digital Officer, Veolia Australia & New Zealand to discuss the non-traditional structure, launching a customer hub, and becoming a data company.

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