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Unpacking World Tour Sydney: Sales

Calling all sales pros! Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2022 was packed with Trailblazer stories and insights for sales teams of all sizes, and now you can see some of the best sessions on demand. But, before you dive in, check out this video interview where international sales expert Tiffani Bova sat down with Hamish Wyatt, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Conveya, to talk about some key takeaways from the event.

World Tour Sydney 2022 Main Show Wrap-Up: All Eyes on the Future

As World Tour 2022 continues to make its way across the globe, yesterday saw it unfold in Sydney amid a poignant milestone for Australia and New Zealand: the first in-person World Tour event in two years. But don’t worry if you couldn’t join in person or virtually, we’ve put together the highlights and announcements you need to know.

Growing Your Smb by Combining Technology and Purpose

With so many consumers shifting toward digital options, many small businesses are still rethinking everything from offerings to operations. But being able to focus on your core purpose — what you do best, what your customers want from you, the unique value you provide to customers — requires leveraging technology. Leaders from Canva, Xero and Lawpath break it down in gif form.

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