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3 Sales Predictions for 2022

Savvy sales teams aren’t just turning traditional responses to challenges on their heads, they’re recognising that the challenges themselves have changed. Here are three key ways in which sales need to reimagine old problems and be creative with fresh solutions.

How Government And IT Trailblazers Are Forging A Better Future

In the final two episodes of Salesforce Live: Australia & New Zealand, we heard Trailblazers, leaders and experts weigh in on what’s next for two distinct areas: Government and IT & Admin. While most of the challenges were different, many of the opportunities and paths forward shared some common themes. See the highlights and key takeaways below or watch the sessions on demand.

MuleSoft and Salesforce Q&A: Integration and Data

The use of emerging technologies to drive innovation hinges on the ability to unlock back-end data and capabilities. So in 2018, Salesforce acquired MuleSoft, the provider of one of the world’s leading platforms for building application networks. Since then, we’ve worked together to accelerate our customers’ digital transformations, enabling them to unlock data and capabilities across legacy systems, cloud apps and devices to create a composable enterprise, make smarter, faster decisions and end up with highly differentiated, connected customer experiences.

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