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Riding With Purpose: CommBank and Salesforce in Tandem on Can4Cancer

Salesforce joined Commonwealth Bank’s peloton for its Can4Cancer partnership with Tour de Cure: a three-day bike ride through New South Wales, contributing towards a goal of donating nearly $3 million to cancer research.

Salesforce was the recent platinum sponsor of Can4Cancer, a CommBank initiative in partnership with charity Tour de Cure. The goal: to raise millions of dollars towards cancer research via bike rides and fundraising events throughout Australia.

Team Salesforce joined CommBank for a three-day, 300-kilometre-plus, heart-pounding bike ride through regional New South Wales. Beginning in Goulburn, the peloton zoomed to Huskisson, rushed up the coastal roads of Kiama, and then pedalled over the finish line in South Eveleigh. 

Among those riding in the peloton was Salesforce’s Area Vice President for Industries, John Moran. “It was an amazing initiative to be a part of,” he says. “We raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer research and services for patients and their families. It’s very much part of both Salesforce’s and CommBank’s values: giving back to the community.”

Alongside the ride, a group of Salesforce’s volunteer Trailblazers raised funds by walking 21 kilometres with CBA staff in Brisbane and Sydney. In total, Team Salesforce raised over $27,000 for Can4Cancer. 

Business as a platform for change

But the benefits go further than a material sum: volunteering and giving back to communities helps people form relationships that run deeper than a workplace. 

“Salesforce gives back to the societies and communities in which we operate,” says John. “I really encourage everyone to volunteer – it’s an incredible experience. The connections you make with others who volunteer, the communities you serve and organisations you raise money for, are really deep human connections: they give so much meaning to your job and to your work.”

The corporate culture around volunteering is changing for good as new studies show how programs can boost productivity, employee engagement, hiring and retention. Michelle Twigg, Salesforce’s Key Account Director for CBA, shared why it’s important for employees to support causes they admire. 

“CBA’s Can4Cancer is an important event on the Salesforce Volunteering calendar. It is such a wonderful event; by raising money for the foundation and supporting such a great cause which is unfortunately very relevant for so many of us. It’s an added bonus that we all have a great time on the walk, getting to enjoy each others’ company in this fantastic community.”

A purpose-driven approach goes beyond team bonding, it can also be good for business bottom-line. A September 2022 Salesforce survey of 16,936 consumers showed that 86% believe that the societal role of companies is changing: people want to know how brands are giving back to the planet, society, disadvantaged groups and more.

That means community initiatives not only give back to society — while creating special experiences between colleagues in the process — they can wow your customers too.

How other leaders can get involved

Giving back to the community also strengthens relationships between businesses: with Team Salesforce’s help, CommBank’s Can4Cancer 2022 initiative raised nearly $3 million for Tour de Cure.

“Can4Cancer is our main charity event,” says Lee Challoner-Miles, General Manager, Integrated Channels at Commonwealth Bank. “Having great partners like Salesforce involved continues to help us grow, doubling our number of participants.”

Leaders can choose their own way of giving back. But they don’t have to go it alone. As John explains, businesses can work together in serving their local communities.

“[Salesforce and CommBank] get to come together as partners when it comes to giving back to the community; it’s a wonderful addition to our commercial relationship.”

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