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COVID-19 Resources: Tracking the Virus Through Actionable Data

Trusted, timely information is essential to make decisions for the health and safety of employees, loved ones, customers and community. Here’s how to find it.

We know during this global pandemic that trusted and timely information is essential to making decisions for your employees, loved ones, customers and community. That’s why Tableau and Salesforce have launched a free resource page with data and visualisations on the novel coronavirus and the public health response.

One of the resources on this page is Datablick’s Managing Director Anya A’Hearn’s dashboard, created with COVID-19 data compiled by the researchers at Johns Hopkins University. 

We’ve made this dashboard and additional resources accessible for organisations using Tableau and Salesforce. You will also find curated data sources and a quick start Tableau dashboard to enable you to explore the available data.

A’Hearn says the data “provides a single source that is easy to blend with data from your organisations so you can make timely and accurate decisions to keep your employees and your loved ones safe”.

Remember to check back daily for updates on the latest accurate and meaningful information, data and visualisations around COVID-19.

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Steve Schwartz

Steve is head of Public Affairs at Tableau, leading the company's efforts to connect with its communities and tell stories about how data is making a difference in the world.  

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