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One Small Step For Salesforce, One Giant Leap For Mankind

It’s been 50 years since those first monumental steps Neil Armstrong took on the moon. To celebrate this innovative achievement and how this effort is still paving the way for new leaps and bounds, we’ve imagined what it would be like if we sent Astro to the moon. Curious? Well here’s what Astro's space prep journal might look like if we did.

My hands trembled. A bead of sweat dripped down my forehead. My tail twitched in anticipation as I stepped into the cockpit.

This was it. After months of preparation, I was going to blaze a trail that no member of the Salesforce Ohana has ever blazed before. I was going to the moon.

But let’s back up a bit.

If you’re wondering how I got to this point, I wouldn’t blame you. I can barely believe it myself. It all started with Salesforce coming to me with a plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. They wanted to send me to space to follow in Neil Armstrong’s iconic footsteps. I’ve always heard a career with Salesforce could take me anywhere!

Of course I accepted the offer. I couldn’t wait to get into the training program they told me I needed to get “space ready”.

After all, it couldn’t have been rocket science. Right?

Week 1

The team told me that before I even thought about putting on a space suit, I needed to get in shape. Didn’t they see me walking the floor at the Sydney Salesforce World Tour? I put in some serious kms.

Week 2

Just in case I wasn’t out of breath enough from the week before, next up was increasing my lung capacity for the harsh environment of space. They put me on the same breathing control training program that our Dreamforce speakers go through.

Week 3

My head was spinning from all this new information — but I didn’t know the half of it. Because it was time for G-Force training.

Week 4

I’ve worked on launches before but this was something else. The big day was finally here, and I had never been more nervous. Would this all work out? Was this plan too crazy?

All of a sudden, my shuttle breached the atmosphere. And then all my worries just floated away. Now I just had to man the controls and pilot my ship (Trailblazer I) on the right course.

Control Centre

The moon

This was it. One small step for Salesforce. One giant leap for mankind. I closed my eyes, and stepped out of my lander. And there I was.

I planted my Salesforce flag and stood for a moment, looking back at the Earth.

There better be a good Trailhead Badge for this.

There you have it — if you’ve ever been curious about what Astro would do if sent to space (and honestly, who hasn’t been curious about that?), we hope this satisfied your curiosity!

If you’re keen to blaze your own innovation trail, there’s no need to hop on a space shuttle. You can visit Salesforce Trailhead to accelerate your skills and inspire your future path.

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