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Our Favourite Dreamforce Asia-Pacific Takeover Moments

We did it! We took over an afternoon of Dreamforce to bring you the business insights and customer success stories lighting up the Asia—Pacific region. We’ve wrapped up the top moments in everyone’s favourite format — GIFs. Check out our ‘aha’ moments below and catch the full 90-minutes of Asia—Pacific goodness on Salesforce+.

Pip Marlow perfectly sums up what Dreamforce is all about. When brands share their stories, learnings and experiences, other businesses and people are better because of it. And in today’s digital environment it means we get to hear many more stories from across the globe.

Telstra’s Michael Ackland has a clear message for Asia—Pacific businesses: never waste a crisis. Telstra’s customer knowledge, use of technology and clear vision allowed them to turn temporary innovations into permanent digital solutions. 

Read Telstra’s customer success story or watch their segment on Salesforce+

With the lines between personal and work blurring, Sujith Abraham reflects on how businesses can reimagine new ways to work that are more flexible and productive – with a little help from Slack.

CK Venkataraman explains how well—known Indian business Titan Company, replicated their entire offline shopping experience online when the pandemic hit. Now, they personalise interactions and deliver unforgettable shopping experiences online and offline.

Read Titan Company’s customer success story or watch their segment on Salesforce+.

No, that’s not a typo. Trailblazers are Trustblazers. As the new world faces a trust crisis, Marc Benioff explains how Trailblazers will transform the world into one of trust. 

Hear about the Trusted Enterprise playbook in Marc Benioff’s Dreamforce keynote.

Pip Marlow acknowledged the digital skills gap in Australia and New Zealand and what we can all do to ensure our businesses and employees are equipped for the future of work.

George Wang shares how one of the world’s leading airlines has committed to keeping their customers and employees safe through the help of technology. 

Watch how Singapore Airlines are reaching new heights in innovation or watch their segment on Salesforce+.

Catch the Asia-Pacific Takeover and all the sessions from Dreamforce 2021 on-demand on Salesforce+.

The Dreamforce magic lives on,
only on Salesforce+

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