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How Salesforce Trailblazers Have Reduced Costs, Increased ROI and Continue to Satisfy Customers

Salesforce World Tour is just around the corner! Join us to find out how you can automate more of your processes, increase employee productivity, and decrease your IT costs. Last year’s event was a great opportunity to meet face to face — here’s your chance to register early for 2023.

Salesforce World Tour events are always special, and now we’re back enjoying in-person gatherings, it’s never been more important to register early.  

Our events give you the chance to make new connections with like-minded professionals, reconnect with old friends, and find out what Salesforce is going to do for you and your business. 

The World Tour program is packed with sessions featuring Salesforce Trailblazers – business leaders at the top of their game across sales, service, marketing, IT and more. We caught up with five Trailblazers from Australia and New Zealand, and asked them how Salesforce is helping them to run more efficient businesses, what their priorities are for 2023, and why they love live events.

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Norths Collective saves 22 hours a month through marketing automation

Norths Collective is a group of welcoming and community-driven hospitality venues located across New South Wales. Robert Lopez, General Manager – CX, Brand and Innovation at Norths Collective, drives the company’s data-led transformation strategy. 

Norths Collective’s approach to efficient growth starts and ends with data.  Salesforce has been instrumental in centralising disparate siloed data sources across the business, and has helped streamline processes. 

Collecting customer data in one single source of truth has allowed Norths Collective to personalise customer communications, leading to stronger engagement. 

North Collective’s use of automation has saved more than 22 hours a month for its marketing department alone — and it doesn’t stop there. Multiple disciplines across the organisation benefit from Salesforce tools. 

Lopez has a tip for businesses who want to succeed right now: if you don’t have an established first party data strategy, you’re already behind. It’s time to develop your company’s approach, dive into the data you already have, and understand how to capture what you need for the future.

CreativeCubes.Co lowers CRM costs with one trusted platform

CreativeCubes.Co is a collaborative coworking community that aims to foster a warm, collaborative and supportive environment.

Lyndon Cookson is the company’s Digital Experience Lead, and spends his days ensuring that the team at CreativeCubes.Co is using its platforms to create automations that provide great experiences for its customers

“Salesforce is the engine that helps drive the business. It touches all of our teams … and helps us move in one direction to grow together,” he says. 

CreativeCubes.Co has been able to cut costs and reduce complexity by consolidating systems and keeping its customer data in one place. Not only does a single source of truth lower costs, but also enables productivity – teams can access a central store of information. 

“Look at what you’re doing from an automation perspective,” Cookson advises. “Customers want information and responses as quickly as possible, so the more you can automate the better.”

Intrepid Travel delivers ‘wow’ moments to its customers, wherever they are in the world

Leigh Barnes, Chief Customer Officer at Intrepid Travel, isn’t holding back when he describes his role at the company – to make Intrepid a global, iconic brand.

Intrepid is the world’s largest provider of small-group adventure tours. As explorers of our planet, Intrepid’s customers expect the company to behave in a way that not only benefits travellers, but the planet as well. 

Salesforce provides Intrepid with the technology it needs to keep in constant contact with its customers. By using a single platform, with a single source of truth, Intrepid can take advantage of efficiencies of scale, and deliver wow moments to customers at every step of their journey, wherever they are in the world. 

What does Barnes like about in-person events? “People!” he says. “You get to catch up, talk, learn, make mistakes, have a laugh – the best thing is seeing people again.”

Finally, Barnes advises growing companies to remain agile. “More than ever, we need to be able to adjust to the changing world around us,” he says.

Want to learn from the best in the industry?

Reserve your place at World Tour Sydney now.

PaySauce boosts sales efficiency

“We are much more efficient now we’re using Salesforce, because we’ve got one truth about our customers at our fingertips,” says Marie-Claire Andrews, Head of Sales and Marketing at payroll software provider PaySauce. 

By only focusing on the sales that need intervention, and letting the others take their natural course, the company has made the sales process more efficient. This tracks with what we’ve seen from other Salesforce customers – Customer 360 users have told us they’ve improved sales productivity by 29%.**

The best thing about face-to-face events, says Andrews, is the magic serendipity that you only get when you’re in the same room. “All of a sudden, the relationships get that little bit deeper and a bit more meaningful,” she says.

Fisher & Paykel gets all the benefits of Customer 360

Fisher & Paykel – manufacturers of premium appliances – makes use of all of the Salesforce Clouds. As a result, it can take advantage of the compounding benefits that come from using more than one Salesforce Cloud. 

Ninety-five percent of Salesforce customers who use 2 or more Customer 360 apps achieve improved efficiency. In fact, a recent study showed customers reported an average 26% boost in employee productivity.**

Lukins says that getting closer to the customer is a game-changing strategy for Fisher & Paykel — “We don’t have to double handle our customer data, so it makes it really efficient for us.”

Chorus creates a single source of truth

As New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company, Chorus has a long list of stakeholders and customers. To keep track of every interaction, it uses Salesforce as a single source of truth for all its customer data. 

Because of the complex nature of telecommunications, it’s important Chorus can find efficiencies where it can. “We use Salesforce as our single source of truth for our customer data,” says Nikki Rodrigues, Salesforce Platform Manager, “and we also heavily rely on process builders and flows to automate processes.”

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The magic of an in-person event can’t be matched. Join us at World Tour Sydney on 1 March 2023, and get ready to learn how Salesforce can help you deliver success now. 

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*Source: 2022 Salesforce Multi-Cloud ROI. A 2022 study based on 1,640 customer interviews in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Australia, India, Singapore, Japan, and Brazil.

**Source: 2022 Salesforce Success Metrics Global Highlights study.

Data is from a survey of 3,706 Salesforce customers across the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Australia, India, Singapore, Japan and Brazil conducted between June 8 and June 21, 2022. Results were aggregated to determine average perceived customer value from the use of Salesforce. Respondents were sourced and verified through a third-party B2B panel. Sample sizes may vary across metrics.

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