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Your Sales Tech Stack Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller

At World Tour Sydney 2024, Ketan will share how sales organisations armed with trusted AI are boosting productivity, harnessing data, and growing revenue.

Sales leaders are learning that a simplified toolset is the secret to strong, secure, centralised data that fuels effective AI.

In September 2023, Dreamforce hosted the largest gathering of Salesblazers ever. Our goal was simple: Reveal the potential of data and AI to accelerate faster, smarter, and more efficient business growth across every sales role and industry.

In every conversation with customers, partners, and industry analysts, I am hearing how excited sales teams are to embrace the new era of data and AI. They’re so eager that sales ops teams are even reinventing their role as AI ops. 

One common thread across all of these discussions? Tech stack consolidation. 

This consolidation isn’t just about trimming costs. It’s about speeding productivity and unleashing growth. With the proliferation of data, AI, CRM, and trust, there’s never been a better opportunity for this innovation.


As businesses look to stay competitive, the leaders who have an edge are the ones who have figured out how to harness the power of new innovations to drive down costs and increase revenue. 

We know that our AI outputs are only as good as our data. Similar to the move from on-premise software to cloud, this next evolution of generative AI will rely on real-time connected, harmonised, and trusted data from within and external to CRM. Point solutions that create siloed data pockets increase risk and prevent the implementation of great AI.


A solid data foundation built in your CRM ensures that predictive and generative AI brings real productivity gains to your sellers. That AI can automate emails, take actions,  and create account summaries based on CRM context. Or tell your sellers which products are ripe for cross-sell opportunities. Or share common competitive challenges across the entire sales team. The possibilities are just beginning to be understood.

When AI impacts every sales leader, seller, sales operations manager, and channel seller, companies see their enablementsales planning, and partner relationship management transformed.


Many of Salesforce’s customers tell us that in order to fully leverage AI, they need and want a single platform. Point solutions on top of the CRM lead to siloed data, duplicated capabilities, reduced seller productivity, and increased costs.

Case in point: Grubhub made the decision to consolidate point solutions and saved over $1 million. They even won one of the first Salesblazer Sales Excellence Awards as a result.


Trust is our number one value at Salesforce.  

When you use Sales Cloud, you’re not only using AI that’s grounded in rich CRM data, you’re activating all this in a trusted and responsible way thanks to our unique zero-data retention policy and data masking within our Einstein Trust Layer

Trust, relentless customer focus, and continuous innovations are why so many Salesblazers live by Sales Cloud and why we continue to be rated a leader by Gartner and G2.

The Salesforce solution to sales tech consolidation

Over the past 20 years, Salesforce has had the privilege of helping businesses of all sizes, in all industries reach previously unimaginable heights. We refuse to let our foot off the gas now. 

We’re committed to making it easier for customers to grow their business with our offerings. With our UE+ offering that we revealed at Dreamforce, customers can get the best of Salesforce for Sales so they can get ahead of sales tech consolidation and get greater value.

With UE+, you get all the AI capabilities included in Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition and Sales Planning, Maps, Enablement, Revenue Intelligence, Slack — plus Einstein credits and Data Cloud. With Sales Cloud, sales organisations have their full tech stack — all on a single platform. And every sales leader, sales rep, and sales operations leader can unleash growth now.

Discover the secret to sales growth: a simplified tech stack

Unpack everything you need to make your sales engine hum — from our Sales Planning tool, to AI-first Einstein and real-time account collaboration in Slack. It’s all part of Sales Cloud UE+.

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