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Salesforce Live 2022: Roadshow Highlights and A/NZ Trailblazer Magic

Salesforce Live is bringing the best of Dreamforce to Australia and New Zealand, including insights into how local Trailblazers like you are doing more with less, all while still making customer magic. Follow us as we recap the most inspiring stories and lessons.

As the world’s largest software conference, Dreamforce 2022 was packed with examples of Trailblazers who are seizing a new day — by driving greater efficiency, boosting productivity and creating the kind of magical customer experiences that turbocharge business growth.

And we’re making sure that major cities across Australia and New Zealand can tap into these lessons via Salesforce Live. Tailored to each city, Salesforce Live is an in-person opportunity to hear from — and connect with — local Trailblazers. Here are some of the highlights.

If you can’t catch Salesforce Live in your own city but want to hear how other Trailblazers are driving more efficient growth, head over to Salesforce+ for tailored sales and service content.

Perth: Intrepid Travel makes magic with better visibility for smoother experiences

Perth attendees were able to hear from Brett Mitchell, Intrepid Travel’s Chief Commercial Officer, who explained how a customer relationship management (CRM) system is transforming sales and service at Intrepid. 

And when thinking about a new day for making customer magic, there’s perhaps no one better positioned to capture the excitement. After all, travel is back — and it’s an exciting new era for Intrepid (and everyone!).  

To help travellers make the most of their freedom, the business aims to wow customers from the moment they start dreaming of a trip to the moment they return home and are already planning their next adventure. But, especially in a world where customers crave personalisation and convenience more than ever, Intrepid needed to understand their customers on a deeper level.

Though Intrepid is a business that generates hundreds of millions of dollars, they lacked a 360-degree view of their customers — that is, customer information was scattered across multiple databases and legacy systems. 

Mitchell explained how Salesforce is helping them unify this information, creating deeper visibility across business processes and providing a single view of each customer. Platforms like Service Cloud Omni are freeing service professionals to focus on more complex cases and breaking down silos, helping the business delight customers across multiple channels, time zones and touch points. 

In other words, Intrepid is achieving two important objectives simultaneously: creating magical experiences that keep customers coming back and driving growth, while equipping their people with the right tools and information to be more productive. And the business is already seeing benefits, including some of their highest NPS scores yet.

Melbourne: Fisher & Paykel on doing more with less and Norths Collective on new digital frontiers

Intrepid isn’t the only Trailblazer making magic and finding new efficiencies, though. Rudi Khoury, EVP Marketing & Digital Transformation, Fisher & Paykel, shared how they’re transforming the way they serve customers through A.I. and automation. Khoury explained how the whitegoods company has connected their telephone or ‘voice’ capabilities to its Salesforce CRM system, providing near immediate, contextual overview that each customer has had with the business. Khoury highlighted the impact this integration has given the service business across its CSAT scores, first time fix rate and more. With CRM integration, Khoury says this powerful customer context allows Fisher & Paykel to explore new digital service capabilities like AI-powered help bots and visual remote assists — just to name a few! This is truly a Trailblazer that is pushing the boundaries of what sales, marketing and service can achieve with streamlined processes between departments.

Our Melbourne audience received a special speaker in Robert Lopez, General Manager — CX, Brand & Innovation at Norths Collective. Roberts has led the hospitality group through its most recent digital transformation to gain a 360 degree member view for hyper-personalised experiences. 

The latest iteration of this — a member-based app that enables digital membership cards, QR scanning and more — is the next phase in their member-focused strategy. After turning on personalisation capabilities earlier this year, Roberts says they’ve already seen a 6% decrease in site bounce rates and a 45% increase in site visits.

What’s more, Roberts outlined how this change will enable the business to become data rich and collect first party data at every touchpoint. In a cookie-less future, this capability is becoming critical across hospitality and almost every industry.

Stay tuned for more local Trailblazers and stories from Salesforce Live

Perth and Melbourne were magical and the Trailblazers were inspiring, but we’re not done yet. We’ll be distilling our favourite moments and highlights from each major city in Australia and New Zealand, so keep your eyes peeled for more examples, tips and lessons from local businesses like yours. 

In the meantime, you can still catch some of the best moments from Dreamforce 2022 on Salesforce+.

Check out Salesforce+ for the most popular keynotes from Dreamforce 2022

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