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The World Tour Sydney Sessions Most Relevant to You (Yes, You!)

You don't have to miss out! We've broken down the World Tour Sydney sessions that are most suited to your role, industry and sector.

Missed the live stream of Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2022? Not to worry — we’ve handpicked the best sessions relevant to each role, industry or sector. So, head to Salesforce+ and learn the latest from our Trailblazer community on how to succeed from anywhere.



Building customer relationships for life starts with a data-first approach and building relevant, personalised and authentic experiences online. Learn how other Trailblazers are driving interest and sales from anywhere. 


In a digital world, consumers have come to expect a seamless buying and service experience across all channels. Learn from other Trailblazers on how they’ve built and applied customer-first commerce platforms. 


We’re in a sell-from-anywhere world. This means that to close deals faster, sales teams need to streamline their process and keep their teams updated. Learn from these Trailblazers who are using Sales Cloud and Slack to bring in new prospects and close deals. 


Customers expect effortless, personalised, and digital customer service. This means that customer service agents need to be empowered with automation to elevate their service from reactive to proactive. 


Distributed teams are relying on their IT departments to connect and get stuff done. Learn how Trailblazers are building mobile-ready apps to enable a more connected and productive workplace.

Leadership and executives

How the world works has changed forever. Learn from leaders across all industries on how they are adapting and thriving in this new world. 


Public sector

For those working in the public sector, engaging and supporting your community needs to be done online. Learn how Trailblazers are leaning into modern platforms to personalise service delivery. 


Discover how Trailblazers are using our technology to thrive in this new world, whilst continuing to drive impact for their mission. Learn best practices in strengthening relationships with stakeholders, and engaging individuals and teams to overcome some of the most common human barriers to digital transformation.



Shoppers expect seamless buying experiences across all channels anywhere, every time.  Hear how Trailblazers drive success from anywhere with customer-centric shopping platforms that drive personalised engagement across all touchpoints. 

Financial services

Fostering a lifetime of trust requires a unified financial services experience across channels and products. Hear how Trailblazers are unifying the client experience on a single platform; providing borrowers, lenders, and brokers with more transparency, insights and self-service options throughout the transaction experience.


It’s more important than ever to stand out with digital-first experiences — for your customers, ecosystem partners, and employees. Learn how Trailblazers are strengthening partner engagement, improving sales forecasting, streamlining and monetising service and increasing employee productivity.

And the best thing about catching up after the event? Being able to stream our sessions at any time, from anywhere thanks to our streaming platform, Salesforce+.

Find more inspiring sessions from ​​Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2022 on Salesforce+.

Find more inspiring sessions from ​​Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2022 on Salesforce+.
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