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Unpacking World Tour Sydney: Sales

Calling all sales pros! Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2022 was packed with Trailblazer stories and insights for sales teams of all sizes, and now you can see some of the best sessions on demand. But, before you dive in, check out this video interview where international sales expert Tiffani Bova sat down with Hamish Wyatt, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Conveya, to talk about some key takeaways from the event.

Conveya has grown at a rapid pace over the last few years. In his own session, Hamish shared part of the story of that growth. By building apps on the Salesforce Platform, Conveya was able to scale at speed and expand its operations to cover three continents. As Hamish describes, Salesforce solutions helped his team optimise their processes, removing friction and ultimately delivering value for their customers.

How do you get closer to your customers?

Looking wider, Tiffani and Hamish consider tips for sales teams who want to get closer to their customers. The answer? Digital collaboration tools. Of course, the best outcomes for everyone come from using the right channel for each customer — only possible when you know your customers’ needs inside-out.

They also talk about the power of a seamless customer experience — something that plumbing and bathrooms supplies business Reece is excelling at. The ubiquity of online sales is undeniable, and the message here is that if you’re not offering an excellent online experience, your competitors are. Buyers, whether they are B2B or B2C, expect to be able to do business online — you can’t afford to be mediocre.

How does Conveya ensure your teams are supported for phenomenal growth?

We started standardising our products into more of a SaaS style product. We had a dream of creating a personless sale, and realised that this was counterproductive — as the value we get in the enterprise B2B space is based on deep personal engagement with customers.

Along the way, you can certainly optimise the experience, and reduce the time to closure. So we invested in tools like Salesforce CPQ to align our quoting, pricing and sales processes. We also implemented digital signing and set up personal templates.

What’s the number one tip for sales teams this year?

Don’t wait to try new things — that’s the advice that Hamish gives to any sales teams hoping to grow this year. Listen to what your customers are telling you, bring in colleagues from other teams for their insights, and keep a close eye on the state of your industry. The landscape will keep evolving, and the successful sales teams will be those that keep pace.

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