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Video: 3 Channels Customers Expect Service On

We surveyed more than 3500 service leaders and agents across the globe for the third edition State of Service report and found customer service is on the cusp of a digital revolution. But there is a gap between customers’ expectations and how companies are providing service.

In the State of Service report we explore how: 

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming services into strategic assets for businesses. 
  • AI will shape the future of customer service, with the use of AI by customer service teams projected to increase by 143% over the next 18 months. 
  • Customer service teams are moving beyond the call centre and embracing digital channels as the first service point for customers. 

With only 16% of customers saying companies excel at providing consistent experiences across channels, we asked our respondents how they viewed their omnichannel performance and found there was a gap in perception and reality. 

  • 73% of service professionals say their organisation clearly understands which channels their customers prefer.
  • 70% of service professionals say their organisation can deliver consistent customer experiences on all channels.

But while customers use an average of 10 channels to engage with companies, the average company offers service on 9 channels.

Customers want to choose where, when and how they connect with companies, so let’s explore the service gap.  

For more insights on the changing landscape of customer service, read the full State of Service report here.

Third Edition State of Service

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