Rather than focus solely on the ‘What’ of IT Transformation, we'll look to the ‘How’ of great customer engagement. We help you put your customers at the centre of your business strategy to deliver personalised experiences, regardless of channel, today and into your next horizon of business growth.


BBVA is transforming to enable their customers to fulfill their life goals

Hear how BBVA has transformed their technology stack and is driving unprecedented loyalty by providing actionable insights to their customers, so they can make better decisions and reach their life goals.


ORIX reimagines the future of fleet with new apps and digital efficiencies

ORIX’s focus on digitisation, innovating with apps and preparing for the future has helped put the business in a strong position as it navigates challenges related to COVID-19.

The Warehouse Group

The Warehouse Group transforms for a sustainable and digital future

As the largest retail group in New Zealand, The Warehouse Group is working with Salesforce to simplify processes and create new capabilities whilst providing personalised service where it’s needed.


2020 APAC Employee Engagement Report
With insights from 3,000+ responses of IT decision makers and office workers across Australia, Singapore and India, this report provides key insights that are critical to IT leaders as their organisations accelerate out of the current crisis. Including how technology can improve employee engagement.


MuleSoft Connectivity Benchmark Report
MuleSoft surveyed 800 global IT leaders on the state of connectivity and digital transformation. The study revealed that IT teams that use APIs to develop new projects or integrations saw a significant increase in productivity, innovation, and agility, and a significant decrease in their operational costs.


How to make IT a Business Partner
“If you don’t understand both the business and the people, you simply cannot put together a technology strategy.” Richard Hilliard from ORIX on how IT leaders can become essential partners in their business.

Put customers at the heart of all you do with Customer 360.

Salesforce Customer 360 empowers your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT departments to work as one. That enables your company to deliver the personalised experiences customers love and build lasting, trusted relationships.

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See how Salesforce innovations are helping businesses around the globe transform by improving customer experiences, fostering a greater sense of community and delivering more personal, efficient services

Join us for Salesforce Live: Australia & New Zealand and enjoy nearly 100 on-demand sessions of learning, connection, and innovation, including an inspiring premiere episode. Learn from our special guests and Trailblazers how businesses of all sizes have adapted to the new normal.
Pip Marlow and Russel Howcroft are joined by Simon Southwell from National Australia Bank to discuss IT Transformation, customer centricity and technology as an enabler for personalised experiences.
Pip Marlow and Russel Howcroft are joined by Kieran O'Meara from Telstra to discuss the complexity of Business Transformation and ensuring you thrive and not just survive.

Discover the culture and values of Salesforce Ohana


Business as a Platform for Change: Move Fast and Fix Things

A lot has changed in the past few months. But business remains the greatest platform for change. As a leader, you have the power to influence your customers and community in profound new ways. Let's bring doing well and doing good, together. Let's bring value and values together. It's time for a new era of business. Let's build it, together.
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