Learn how tech trends and artificial intelligence are redefining the customer experience for companies of every size. You'll see firsthand how New Balance are transforming their businesses with Salesforce to work smarter and innovate faster than ever before.
Learn how retailers are using the Intelligent Shopper Success Platform to deliver a smarter, personalised and connected shopping experience to win the hearts and minds of today's shopper.
Hear the latest insights around the state of ANZ Retail, including the current trends and disruptive changes which are reshaping how retailers connect with consumers. Steve is the CEO of RetailOasis providing independent retail advice to brands including Myer, Oroton, Super Retail Group, The Athlete's Foot, and more.
STREAT – A social enterprise for good. Hear how this organisation has collectively imparted thousands and thousands of hours (over 7,000 to be precise!) of their hospitality knowledge to over 400 young people. Youth homelessness and disadvantage are hard to swallow. That’s why STREAT works to stop it, one mouthful at a time. They offer disadvantaged youth a supported pathway from the street to a sustainable livelihood. STREAT's vision is to create young people who belong and who are thriving with a healthy self, home and job.
Hear from Prinitha Govender, Editor - Power Retail, James Rothera, eBusiness & Digital Marketing Manager - Sony Australia, Fatima Said, Managing Director - eWave, Phil Pomford, General Manager - WorldPay, and Fran Ereira, General Manager, Sales & Solution Delivery - ZipPay


What UX insights can you learn from leading retailers to apply to your own business? This session will showcase UX insights from leading retailers along with best practices to give attendees a leg-up on mobile design optimisation.
Commerce Cloud processes more than 3TB of data every day that contains valuable signals about your shoppers’ intents. Hear about the latest analytics capabilities from Commerce Cloud as well as gaining a better understanding of the relationship between the various metrics you use to monitor and measure business performance. Learn about how to derive actionable insights from multiple data sources and create a data driven culture within your organisation.
We are living in a mobile-first age so mobile optimisation is crucial. Mobile devices are used by consumers in many situations of their everyday life where best-in-class experiences are demanded. This session will showcase successful retailers and brands sharing their mobile commerce insights.
This session will explore the exciting future of Commerce Cloud Einstein and customers leading the way. Come discover our 2017 roadmap that builds on our personalisation capabilities and powers the automation of manual tasks, saving retailers valuable time and money. Walk away from this session with dozens of ideas of how to inject the power of Artificial Intelligence into your commerce strategy of the future.
With insights derived from the shopping activity of more than 300 million shoppers, fused with a sweeping six–country global consumer survey, Commerce Cloud partnered on a study that quantifies the new patterns of shopper behaviour and identifies the new rules of retail. Hear stories from global retailers about how they are evolving their business amidst the new retail landscape to win shoppers. Join us to learn what it takes to capture the attention of today’s shopper.

Trailblazer Sessions

Get insight on how, together with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Tryzens, Cotton On has implemented a single solution that supports their multiple brands across multiple geographies. Not only does this enable greater efficiencies for their day-to-day ecommerce trading activities but it also provides a platform for continued international expansion in line with their growth plans.
Programmatic Commerce: What can you do NOW to set yourself up to win tomorrow?

How we got here: a short and slightly amusing history of online shopping
The next frontier: what is programmatic commerce and how is it going to totally, completely and utterly rewrite your business whether you like it or not?
This isn’t climate change: all the evidence paints a compelling story, but what are we supposed to with this knowledge, exactly? What steps can we take today to sure up and capitalise on our future?
TL;DL: You’re going to hear a lot of stuff today and it’ll be hard to remember. If you do one thing differently tomorrow, do this.
In this session, learn how Urban Decay was able to expand into new global markets (South America and Europe), double the size of its website by introducing the “UD All Access” site, increase page views by 258%, and increase site entrances by 1600%. Implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud and e-Spirits’ FirstSpirit Content Experience Hub helped Urban Decay simplify the management of personalised content and localisation processes to support its globalisation goals and deliver the localised and seamless experiences that their customers expect.
Q & A session with Shaver Shop on how the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform enables them to run the ecommerce and marketing platform with a small team while maintaining control over the steering wheel of all e-comm across the business. Shaver Shop will share some interesting insights around using partners such as P&G, best practises that worked well for them and produced the best ROI.