It's our mission at Salesforce to empower people to blaze trails. We want to empower everyone to learn, to grow, to blaze new trails, and to be their best. Everyone can be a Trailblazer, whether you're a student, a salesforce admin or a CEO. Trailblazers are people who:

  • Grow their careers with Trailhead.
  • Transform their sales, service, and marketing.
  • Innovate with Salesforce.
  • Improve their communities.
  • Work to be their best selves.

Equality is a core tenet of how we run our business. Each day we work together with our whole Ohana – our employees, customers, partners, community organisations and the tech industry – to build a path forward to equality for all. We are blazing new trails across five key areas:

Public Education: We believe that every child deserves a world class education.
Gender Equality: We advocate for equal pay and equal rights, paving the way with $6 million in salary adjustments.
LGBTQ Equality: We stand for marriage equality and against discriminatory legislation.
Diversity: We strive for a diverse and inclusive workplace for all, bringing together diverse team members and their allies.
Environment: We all deserve a healthy, clean environment, so we’ve achieved netzero greenhouse gas emissions and provide a carbon-neutral cloud for customers.

We believe technology, when used for good, can change the world. To build a better world, we need the best technology. 18 years ago, the 1-1-1 Model of Integrated Philanthropy laid the foundation for to grow into the social enterprise that we are today, allowing our communities to unlock even more impact.  works to get technology in the hands of nonprofits and education institutions so they can connect with others and accelerate their impact. As a social enterprise, the more causes our technology supports, the more we are able to invest back into innovation and communities, creating an endless circle of good.

To date, we have 32,000 non-profits using our technology, we've given over 168 million dollars in grants and we've volunteered over 2.3 million hours in the communities in which we live and work.

We are committed to living and breathing these values in everything we do - including our events - and as such we have put a clear focus on learning, giving back and equality throughout Sydney World Tour 2018. We encourage you to join these sessions and learn how your business can embrace the power of learning, the importance of giving back and the Age of Equality.

Salesforce is committed to equality for all and as part of that commitment we want to make sure all members of our community can access the fantastic content and activities available at World Tour.

If you head to the FAQ section of the website you will see all the accessibility features available at World Tour Sydney 2018. Should you have specific accessibility requirements please add them to the online registration form or email