Share files and comments with customers for free*

Chatter customer groups and invitations are now available for all Chatter users. Now you can stop trying to collaborate over email and start sharing files and conversations in private, secure customer groups.

:: Invite prospects and close deals faster
:: Build closer relationships with customers
:: Collaborate on projects with partners

Take advantage of a limited time offer: extend as many customer invitations as you’d like for free.*

Download the customer groups guide (PDF)


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*During the promotional period (December 15, 2011 through September 17, 2012) companies can take advantage of as many external user licenses as they need. If your company exceeds its current license allocation contact support or your account executive and will happily grant you additional licenses. After this promotional period your company may keep these licenses at no cost. (For example, if a company needs 1,200 external user licenses during the promotional period it will keep 1,200 external licenses for free after the promotion expires.) After September 17, 2012 companies may purchase incremental licenses above what they received during the promotional period.
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