Chatter Invitations

Everyone in your company can work together like never before on Chatter - even colleagues who don’t have Salesforce licenses. With Chatter Invites, collaboration at your company is private, secure, and free. Are you a salesforce admin or a user?


If you're a user, follow these steps

Once Chatter invitations have been enabled by your admin, it’s easy to invite your colleagues to join Chatter for free. For a tutorial of how to send invitations to your colleagues, watch this short video or follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the People tab and click Invite People to Chatter.
  • Enter the email addresses of co-workers you’d like to invite and click Send.

Note: You can only enter email addresses for your company’s supported domains.

Invited users can view profiles, share files, join groups, and post updates but can’t see your data or records.

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User Invite
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If you're an admin, follow these steps.

To make Chatter available for your whole company you can use Chatter Invitations or manually add Chatter users. For a tutorial of how to enable invitations for your company, watch this short video or follow these steps:

1. Manually creating Chatter users:

  • Click your name > Setup > Manage Users > Users
  • Click New User
  • Enter the user’s first name, last name, and email address. The email address becomes the username
  • Select the Chatter user license and the Chatter User profile.
  • To set a user’s initial password, check Generate new password and notify user immediately to have the user’s login name and temporary password emailed to the new user.
  • Click Save.

To create new users with the API, see the Web Services API Developer’s Guide.

For information on creating new users with the Data Loader, see Inserting, Updating, or Deleting Data Using the Data Loader in the online help.

Admin new user
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2. Enabling Chatter Invites

  • Click your name > Setup > Customize > Chatter > Settings
  • Click Edit
  • Select Allow Invitations
  • Enter email domains to define who can join Chatter for your organization. The domains you enter should include those used in email addresses for your company, such as

Important: We recommend that you don’t enter public email domains such as,, or If invited, anyone with an email address in these domains can join and see user profiles, feeds, and Chatter groups.

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Invite settings
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