Time Warner Communications Deploys salesforce.com's Online Customer Relationship Management Solution

Road Runner Business Department in Columbus, Ohio Standardizes Support and Sales on salesforce.com

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — July 31, 2001 — Salesforce.com, the global market leader in online customer relationship management (CRM), today announced that Time Warner Communications has implemented salesforce.com's online CRM service for use by its Road Runner Business Department in Columbus, Ohio. With salesforce.com's Web-based CRM application, the company has already seen improved customer satisfaction among 2,200 business customers. By integrating sales and customer support, productivity has improved significantly, with the average response time to customer queries reduced by almost half.

Time Warner Communications Road Runner Business Department in Columbus, Ohio chose to implement salesforce.com's award-winning online CRM application rather than develop a costly in-house automation solution. With salesforce.com, sales and support staff can easily and quickly access a comprehensive interdepartmental customer history. This allows them to present a coordinated face to customers, reinforcing its competitive advantage of superior customer service and customer satisfaction.

"Having the ability to track customer information from the time a sale is made to the time that information is needed to answer a customer's questions is essential for any growing business," said Sean Kern, vice president of new business development and Road Runner services at Time Warner Communications, Columbus, Ohio division. "We needed a system that would allow us to quickly identify changing trends in our marketplace and quickly respond to those changes to ensure customer satisfaction. Salesforce.com gave us that solution."

"Customer success like this implementation is what makes our own business so successful," said John Dillon, president and CEO of salesforce.com. "We're pleased Time Warner Communications has achieved tangible results in such a short period of time."

As the first complete CRM service to be offered online, salesforce.com helps companies such as Time Warner Communications enhance long-term customer relationships without incurring the 70% failure rates and massive implementation costs associated with traditional enterprise client-server applications.

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