IDP Implements To Take Students All The Way (to Australia)

Deploys Salesforce On-Demand CRM across 70 offices and 28 countries

SYDNEY, Australia – XX July 2007:, the market and technology leader in ondemand business services, today announced that Australia-based, international student recruiter IDP Education has deployed’s industry leading CRM applications to manage all marketing, sales and customer information. The deployment took just six months to complete across more than 70 offices in 28 countries. As a result of the deployment, IDP has gained improved visibility into its student customer base and the international sales cycle. IDP will now be creating a new customer service portal to further improve their relationships with students.

IDP is one of the 32,300 companies of all sizes, industries and geographies that comprised the customer base as of April 30, 2007. Revenue and subscribers will be recognised as the service is delivered.

IDP helps students worldwide find study places within Australia in universities, schools and colleges and then assists them through their move into the country. IDP’s use of Salesforce CRM comes as part of the company’s drive to optimise its business operations and maximise the commercial opportunities available from their rapidly expanding student customers base.

IDP is now using Salesforce CRM to centralise its student data and refine its sales processes to improve the overall students and client experience.
The web-based solution enables IDP staff to:

  • Store customer data centrally and transfer customers from one office to another as they move around the globe.
  • Have greater visibility into the sales pipeline, enabling instant, accurate budgeting and forecasting along with assessments of IDP’s key sales cycle touch points.
  • Utilise add on services such as ‘Mass mailer’ to facilitate email marketing programs.
  • Systematically track and manage sales leads from beginning to end, enabling thecompany to establish and monitor success benchmarks.

According to Julian Longbottom, General Manager of Marketing & Product Development at IDP,“It is the nature of our business that our customers, because they are international students, move from country to country. We needed a solution which made our customers visible across our network of offices and assisted us in providing continuous, quality service, whatever their location.”

Disparate Systems Put the Brakes on IDP’s Growth
Prior to selecting Salesforce, IDP’s 70 global offices used disparate systems to store their customer information. This made the process of information sharing far too complex for a company that’s business required seamless country to country liaison, particularly as new
Australian offices were established to provide ongoing service to international students during their course of study.

“When a student was signed up in one office and then sent abroad to take up their study place, the new handling office needed the customer’s full background. Gathering this information from an office thousands of miles away, often in a different time zone, was a time consuming process.
And as IDP continued to grow this was time that could be much better spent dedicated to new customers”, said Longbottom.

IDP Selects Salesforce CRM for Deployment Speed and Flexibility
IDP reviewed five different CRM packages in May 2006 before choosing Salesforce. “Our globally spread offices needed the new CRM system quickly – we only have two university intakes per year so that means two annual sales peaks. We were keen to be up and running ahead of our peak periods. Salesforce requires minimal new infrastructure and is easy to use at an administrative level so we knew it would be up and running quickly,” said Longbottom.

Being able to access the system via dial up was an important factor for IDP as some of its offices exist in regions where broadband is unavailable.

Another factor in the decision making process was the flexibility that Salesforce CRM offered IDP.

“We plan to constantly improve our services this year as we gain more visibility and data on our customers. We’ve already downloaded a mass mail tool from’s AppExchange to help us handle more customised marketing mail-outs. I’m confident that when we develop further
sales and marketing opportunities, and the AppExchange will have flexible tools for us to use to support our ongoing needs,” said Longbottom.’s On-Demand CRM Solution Offers IDP First Glimpse of Ongoing Customer Relationships
Since implementing Salesforce CRM - the deployment of which was completed at the end of April after a six month international roll out - IDP has been pleased by their new found ability to collate and store customer information and leads.

“We’ve made major improvements in the visibility across our network of the 200,000+ customers stored in Salesforce CRM,” said Longbottom. “This ties directly into our business strategy to encourage customer retention and be the leading provider of student recruiting services.”

One of IDP’s first steps to improve its existing service will be to create a customer portal. Salesforce CRM will form the back end of a new portion of the IDP website, allowing IDP student customers to log in and check their application processes, make enquiries and view new offers as
IDP develops them.

“The student portal will be an extension of the service we offer, making it even easier for students to access their application information and communicate with IDP wherever in the world they may be. The portal is just one new initiative that Salesforce CRM is helping us to pursue in our drive to improve our longer term customer relationship management,” added Longbottom Salesforce Platform and the AppExchange Salesforce Platform is the on-demand platform for the next generation of business applications. Salesforce Platform reinvents traditional customization and integration and enables a new generation of on-demand applications that go beyond client/server computing. The Salesforce Platform allows applications to be easily shared, exchanged and installed with a few simple clicks via's AppExchange directory, enabling all the innovation that the Salesforce Platform unleashes to benefit the entire on-demand community.

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