DigitalMobile rings in increased productivity with Salesforce

Quadruples Sales Leads and Slashes Reporting Times with Salesforce

SYDNEY, Australia – November 2007:, the market and technology leader in ondemand business services, today announced that DigitalMobile has deployed its industry leading CRM application. DigitalMobile, a New Zealand based Vodafone reseller, implemented
Salesforce SFA (sales force automation) to manage all sales and customer information. The deployment took just ten months to complete across more than 60 locations with 600 employees.

DigitalMobile is one of the 38,100 companies of all sizes, industries and geographies that comprised the customer base as of October 31, 2007.

As a result of the deployment, DigitalMobile has gained significant competitive advantage in the soaring mobile phone market. Specifically, it has:

  • Increased sales team productivity to generate four times the number of sales leads and 20 per cent greater volume of opportunities (qualified leads) in pipeline.
  • Saved 65 employee reporting hours per week through reduced reporting complexity.
  • Improved the process to set and track sales targets that has resulted in a more motivated and focused sales team.
  • Reduced risk of different salespeople targeting the same prospective customer by moving data to one central location.

DigitalMobile can now focus the sales team to drive even greater productivity in the run-up to the festive season.

According to Justin Lobb, Chief Operating Officer for DigitalMobile, “the impact of Salesforce on our business has been dramatic. We’ve improved the efficiency of customer prospecting, streamlined the order process, made huge time savings and increased our revenue generation considerably.”

DigitalMobile Opts for Salesforce’s Easy Rollout and Fast Delivery DigitalMobile created a short list of just to offerings to assist them – Microsoft CRM and Salesforce CRM.

“I knew the kind of application I was looking for,” said Mr Lobb. “What I didn’t know was which of my shortlisted two could be easily implemented into our existing IT set-up. That was the real focus of my research at the selection phase. I wanted a great CRM system that we could implement quickly, with low cost and the least disruption to our existing IT infrastructure.”

This is where Salesforce stood out. While Microsoft’s offering would have required DigitalMobile to make significant investment in new IT  infrastructure to support the application,’s software-as-a-service model allowed DigitalMobile to adopt a CRM application
without the IT overhead. All users need is an internet connection and browser. “The best thing about Salesforce CRM for us was that we could set it up in a very short period of time, using the resources we already had.”

Lobb added, “We had the system up and running in a trial location within a month of signing the contract with the completed roll out of 134 licenses in just ten months”.

Centralised Customer Data Drives Productivity Increases and Revenue Growth Prior to Salesforce, the DigitalMobile sales teams used basic spreadsheets to record and track their new leads and close deals. As a consequence, it took four managers up to two days each week to complete the sales reports required by Vodafone.

Since implementing Salesforce CRM, the Vodafone team can now simply log on to DigitalMobile’s salesforce CRM system and download the information they require. That saves the DigitalMobile team 65 hours per week.

The new tools have also been instrumental in driving sales growth for the company. “Thanks to the new system our sales managers can now be very robust about the number of prospects each sales person should target and move through the sales cycle per week. That in turn has given the sales team greater focus,” says Lobb.

“As a direct result of our new CRM tools from we gather four times the number of opportunities we used to. Also, our average pipeline size has increased by about 20 per cent per salesperson – that’s a great return on investment from where I sit.”

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