Enware Australia Opts for’s Cloud to Manage Complex Sales Channels

SYDNEY – May 31, 2009 –, the enterprise cloud computing company, today announced the first phase of its Salesforce CRM rollout at Enware Australia, which will enable the company to provide better customer service and manage complex sales projects.

Enware, Australia’s leading manufacturer of tapware and safety equipment, has purchased 37 licences as part of the first phase of its rollout, which commenced in April this year. After a review of several CRM solutions including Sage SalesLogix, Enware selected Salesforce CRM due to its ease of use, functionality in aiding both the sales and service cycles and flexibility to be tailored to Enware’s specific needs without further infrastructure investments..’s cloud uses the internet to enable businesses of all sizes to deliver real time computing services and information to users.

Adam Degnan, COO of Enware Australia said, “Our sales and support channels are quite complex with multiple tradespeople, contractors and sales staff all playing roles in the process. This proved to be an issue when providing service support as it was difficult to track the status of each sales project. has given us complete visibility across all stakeholders and allows us to offer far greater levels of customer service.”

“In addition, one of our objectives was to ensure that staff could fully utilise any new CRM investment we made. With Salesforce CRM it was easy; the feedback from staff so far has been positive and this has been reflected in their increased usage rates.”

Prior to using Salesforce CRM, Enware used Visual CRM, an on-premise solution that could not be easily customised. Now, through tailored custom fields and increased control over templates to use for quotes, Enware is using’s cloud to capture the right customer information.

Enware uses Salesforce CRM to manage all of its service and warranty calls, where customer service agents can enter data directly into custom fields.

”From this information we capture in Salesforce, the big improvement will be our reporting capabilities. We can drill right down into how many service calls we can see on a particular product in order to highlight where the real issues are and fix them as a priority – in real time. This is ultimately a bonus for the customer,” said Mr Degnan.

Streamlined Information Processes for Better Project Management

Enware also needed a CRM solution that could manage the complex sales processes across its wide range of offerings. For example, the company recently worked on a project with the Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, which purchased multiple products from tapware to decontamination supplies. For each of these products, different Enware product specialists spoke with different stakeholders working on the project such as builders, plumbers, owners, developers and architects.

With Salesforce CRM, all of Enware’s product specialists who are working on the same project will have access to the same information on each customer.’s cloud-based solution for customer relationship management gives Enware staff the ability to securely access information from anywhere that is connected to the internet.

“Salesforce CRM will help Enware to streamline the communication process and ensure continuity of messages across a project. By sharing information via the cloud, a project managed in Sydney can now easily be taken up by someone in Brisbane,” said Mr Degnan.

More Visibility into Sales Pipeline

Many of Enware’s sales projects could last for up to two years and prior to using Salesforce CRM, information was often lost as staff changed roles or left the company. This meant quotes were often inconsistent and management had little view into the sales pipeline.

The company needed to have the ability to track the progress of each project over time and accommodate changes to customers’ needs.

“The competitive advantage that Enware gained from Salesforce CRM is the ability to deliver consistent messages to customers, across a project and across multiple sales personnel.”

“In previous CRM implementations, there was little buy-in from the top and consequently low user adoption rates. With Salesforce CRM, the whole company has got behind the implementation. After seeing the advantages of using Salesforce CRM, I would use the Salesforce cloud across other areas of the business as well.”

About Enware Australia
Enware Australia is a leading manufacturer of Quality Specialist Tapware and Safety Deluge Equipment. Enware Australia was established over 70 years ago. The modest Enware range that commenced in 1937 has expanded to include customised water and gas fittings, specialist fittings for air, deionised pure water, Thermostatic Mixing Valves, safety deluge showers, emergency eye/face wash equipment, water chillers and hands free tapware with elbow, knee, foot and electronic sensor operated systems.

Enware tapware is designed and manufactured for people who are operating in industries where absolute quality is crucial to reliable performance and personal safety. Hospitals, laboratories, schools, universities, food service, mining, industry, government authorities, gaols; all of these need tapware that meets the highest standards and performs precisely in specialist applications.

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