With innovations including new intelligent agent console, cutting-edge mobile app and intuitive reporting engine, small businesses can now deliver awesome customer service faster—anytime, anywhere

Fast-growing companies including HotelTonight, One Kings Lane and SoundCloud use Desk.com to deliver amazing customer service that accelerates company growth

SAN FRANCISCO— June 17, 2014 — Salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM), the world’s #1 CRM platform, today delivered next generation Desk.com, the future of customer service for fast-growing companies. With innovations including a new intelligent agent console, a cutting-edge mobile app and an intuitive reporting engine, small businesses can now deliver awesome customer service faster—anytime, anywhere. Fast-growing companies including HotelTonight, One Kings Lane and SoundCloud use Desk.com to deliver amazing customer service that accelerates company growth.

Comments on the News
• “Awesome customer service is the new competitive advantage,” said Leyla Seka, GM and SVP, Salesforce Desk.com, salesforce.com. “With Desk.com, fast-growing companies now have the right solution to position themselves for growth—addressing their needs now and in the future.”
• “With Desk.com, One Kings Lane has maintained outstanding service and high customer satisfaction rates,” said Alexis Chapman, director, Customer Operations, One Kings Lane. “Now, our customer care team has greater visibility into customer needs and they are empowered to work more efficiently and continually offer an exceptional experience for our shoppers.”

Customer Service is the Competitive Advantage
More than 50 percent of small businesses fail in the first five years, according to the Small Business Administration. To avoid being among this statistic, small businesses must differentiate themselves by delivering exceptional customer service to outpace the competition and drive growth. Until Desk.com, small businesses had to choose between legacy support solutions that require dedicated IT resources or point solutions that lack the ability to scale as a company grows.

Small businesses are realizing that providing amazing customer service is a competitive advantage, which in turn helps grow their businesses. In fact, this is the #1 priority for emerging businesses, according to a recent Desk.com customer survey.

Introducing Next Generation Desk.com
With next generation Desk.com, the future of customer service has arrived. Fast-growing companies can now outpace the competition by delivering awesome customer service faster—anytime, anywhere. With an average set up ranging from hours to days, now fast-growing companies can use next generation Desk.com to go from deployment to delivering service in record time. Next generation Desk.com now includes:

• Faster Service Set Up with New Intelligent Agent Console: With a new intelligent agent console, next generation Desk.com arms agents with all of the necessary information to quickly manage and resolve cases. The highly-intuitive agent console can be personalized per agent to optimize productivity while rules, workflows and templates maintain the company’s brand integrity. Now, starting day-one, agents can work smarter and faster.

• Faster Decision Making with Actionable Insights: The new reporting engine of next generation Desk.com provides detailed metrics and invaluable insights into every aspect of customer service performance. These out-of-the-box reporting tools are built for speed and productivity to provide fast-growing companies with deeper insights to resolve customers’ problems. Now a manager can view comprehensive reports to identify real-time trends that fuel decision making and product innovation. In addition, Desk.com now includes 10X more APIs to quickly connect data from other apps to provide a holistic view of the customer and an effortless integration with Salesforce.

• Faster Service, On the Go: The next generation Desk.com mobile app allows companies to manage customer service requests anytime, anywhere. The new mobile app accelerates support tasks such as adding notes, updating statuses and assigning cases. Now agents can quickly collaborate and resolve cases from their iPhone or iPad, providing true end-to-end case management.

Fast-Growing Companies Succeed with Desk.com
Desk.com is the all-in-one customer support app that empowers fast-growing companies to instantly deliver awesome customer support across all channels—phone, email, web and social media. Fast-growing companies such as HotelTonight, One Kings Lane, SoundCloud and Susty Party, are using Desk.com to deliver amazing customer support. Desk.com customers on average experience a 42 percent faster response to customers, 38 percent increase in agent productivity, 27 percent decrease in support costs and 36 percent increase in customer satisfaction, according to a Desk.com commissioned research. The full report, “Desk.com Customer Survey: Results & Analysis,” is available here.

Pricing and Availability
• The next generation Desk.com is generally available today with pricing starting at $30 per month, per agent.
• The Desk.com mobile app for iPhone and iPad is now generally available for download at the Apple App Store. Support for Android devices will be available in the fall of 2014.
• For a limited time, companies that switch from Zendesk to Desk.com can receive Desk.com free of charge for the remainder of 2014, some restrictions apply.
• Additional information for customers wishing to switch to Desk.com is available at http://help.desk.com/plus-free-for-2014.

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