3P Learning

By automating our business with Salesforce, we can deliver personalised communications at scale and build more personal customer relationships.”

Rebekah O’Flaherty, Chief Executive Officer


cost reduction of its trial process


3P Learning transforms digitally to increase opportunities for students worldwide

Sydney-based 3P Learning was founded in 2003 with a simple idea. It wanted to mix the celebration and excitement of sport with the field of education and make learning fun. It has achieved this goal through the development of three award-winning programs: Mathletics, Reading Eggs, and Spellodrome. The programs help more than 5 million students in 17,000 schools to improve their mathematics and literacy skills.

Now, the ASX-listed edtech provider wants to put its resources into the hands of even more students. It’s transforming sales, marketing, and service to achieve this goal and become a more scalable, global business.

Rebekah O’Flaherty, Chief Executive Officer of 3P Learning, said that Salesforce underpinned its transformation. “By automating our business with Salesforce, we can deliver personalised communications at scale and build more personal customer relationships. It’s helping us make the leap from an analogue incumbent to a digital disruptor.”

With more efficient, global growth, 3P Learning is also fulfilling its mission to reduce the education deficit that comes with childhood poverty. In partnership with UNICEF, 3P Learning has a goal of zero young people without an education and funds a number of projects to improve school access and attendance.

Strategy puts data at heart of the business

3P Learning is mid-way through its transformation. It has shifted away from homegrown and on-premise technologies and connected its business on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. In doing so, it has unlocked the data required for intelligent automation of business processes.

“The old way of doing things was very high touch and impossible to scale in an efficient way,” said Jesper Lowgren, Head of Digital Transformation at 3P Learning. “We needed to re-imagine how business should be done in the digital world and use Salesforce to build that capability.”

The result is a 1:1 customer journey based on a prospect’s persona and buying intent. For example, customers may be invited to participate in a self-paced trial or watch a personalised demo. Marketing Cloud ensures delivery of the right message at the right time, nurturing each prospect from the point of interest through to purchase and renewal.

The full benefits are yet to be realised but trial costs have been reduced by 50%. It has also sped up renewals and removed the need for temporary staff to manage this process.

Standardising and maturing support processes

Streamlining and managing the entire sales process on Salesforce – including quoting and invoicing – also supports 3P Learning’s goal to globalise its operating model. The next step is completing its rollout of Service Cloud to provide customers with 24/7 support, no matter where in the world they’re based.

“By connecting sales and service, we can start to analyse things like response times and product usage and assess the impact on retention,” said Simon Perry, CIO of 3P Learning. “We can then take the right actions to keep customers engaged.”

As the edtech continues to grow and disrupt new markets such as Asia and South America, Salesforce Community Cloud will allow its partners and resellers to leverage the same sales and service processes it’s developing today. Salesforce Einstein is also on 3P Learning’s transformation agenda. The use of more automated decisioning will completely disrupt how business gets done and result in a surge of efficiency.

“We’ve mapped out a blueprint for success and we’re proving it step-by-step. We couldn’t achieve this with any other platform than Salesforce,” said Lowgren.


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