From the time we touch a lead, through the entire lifecycle of sales, managing and fulfilling the order, and tracking success, everything is run in Salesforce.”

Karthik Venkata, Director, Business Operations

Aconex builds on solid foundations to create the perfect Salesforce solution

Aconex is the most widely used platform in the world for construction, infrastructure, energy and resources projects, and has helped manage more than US$1 trillion in capital projects across 70 countries. Large-scale construction and infrastructure projects are complex beasts to manage. Hundreds of people are involved in seeing these projects through to fruition, including builders, engineers, contractors, project managers, site managers, consultants and many more. All these people—who aren’t on site, all the time—need access to the latest project documentation for the project to finish on time and within budget.

“Our customers are projects, not companies. Say a large building firm has won a tender to build a city high-rise. Aconex sells to the builder, but then anyone involved in the build can use the platform, too,” explained Karthik Venkata, Director, Business Operations, Aconex. “With hundreds of users per project, we rely on a very robust and scalable solution to manage the many users of our platform.”

From day one, Aconex started customising Salesforce to suit business needs. The company has progressively built upon the platform so that it is a truly end-to-end solution that drives internal efficiencies and improves the customer experience.

In the early stages, the Aconex marketing team sends out targeted email campaigns to prospects. As a customer progresses through the pipeline, all interactions are logged in Salesforce, with the opportunity strategically managed through the different stages. Using Salesforce, the leadership team can accurately track the pipeline’s performance, with many metrics generated in easily-customised reports. “Most importantly, at every point in every project, we know exactly where every customer is at.”

Once a deal has been signed, Aconex tracks the project in Salesforce. Different Aconex services may be required at different times, and Salesforce makes it easy for the Aconex services team to make sure that fulfilment runs smoothly. 

Throughout a project, all users of the Aconex system are automatically synced into Salesforce. “We bring across the customer details of every single person that is using Aconex, and use Salesforce to manage support for all of these users. Using Service Cloud, our service desk—which follows the sun to work around-the-clock—can attend raise tickets, log cases and escalate if needed,” said Venkata.

Aconex has built an ‘integration ecosystem’ around Salesforce, with millions of records moving through it seamlessly to drive massive efficiencies and reduce headcount. Rigorous pipeline management and a greater focus on productivity have supported an estimated 30% compound annual growth rate; and a structured focus on enterprise deals and robust checks and balances within the sales engine has improved forward revenue visibility to 70%. Furthermore, the service team has experienced 50% efficiency gains since Salesforce was adopted across the Service Desk and Client Services team globally.

Global acquisitions and a four-fold increase in the Aconex product suite have increased the complexity of the business. “Salesforce allows us to scale and grow while satisfying the stringent requirements that a listed company like ours must meet. It has simply been invaluable,” Venkata said.

“We couldn’t imagine life without Salesforce now. We have matured very quickly and easily, and we look forward to ongoing growth with Salesforce supporting us every step of the way.”


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