There’s a weekly cadence and discipline to sales which we didn’t have before Salesforce, and we are now setup to scale the business as we measure, manage and execute on our end-to-end sales process.”

John Fargher | CRO and Co-Founder of AgriWebb


More customers onboarded


AgriWebb transforms farm productivity and grows smarter with Salesforce

AgriWebb is helping to digitise the farming industry with its easy to use software for farm and livestock management. The software can be used online or offline and on any device so that farmers can manage  record keeping right from the paddock. This allows farmers to digitally capture information for streamlined reporting and easier management of audit and accreditation requirements. It also gives them greater insight into what’s happening on the farm so they can make data-driven decisions and increase productivity.

John Fargher, CRO and Co-Founder of AgriWebb, is a fifth generation farmer himself and said that up to now there were limited technology solutions designed to support farmers because of issues like connectivity. “There are many farmers out there running multimillion-dollar operations with paper and pen and data collection is a key challenge for them. Our app addresses that and saves farmers time and helps inform their decisions,” said Fargher. 

The app is used by thousands of farmers in Australia and around the world.  AgriWebb is using Salesforce to increase its growth locally and drive its expansion even further overseas. 

Maximising impact and growth

AgriWebb’s ultimate aim is to transform the world’s livestock industry and provide a platform for transparency, profitability and sustainability across the supply chain. To deliver on this goal, it needed new insights and capabilities to scale the business and optimise engagement with farmers. AgriWebb had outgrown its first CRM and needed a more robust platform that would integrate with its software stack and other key apps to manage the entire customer journey. 

The business had considered Salesforce in the past and, after seeing the new Lightning Experience, the platform rose to the top of its list. “With the updated Lightning Experience, Salesforce was much easier and simpler to use and it could provide us with insights that other products could not,” said Fargher. “The scalability of Salesforce was also an important factor given our plans to expand globally.”  

AgriWebb is now using Sales Cloud and Pardot as well as a host of apps from the AppExchange to streamline sales and optimise interactions with time-poor farmers. These apps include Aircall which is used to manage calls directly in Salesforce and Mixpanel which provides insights on how farmers are interacting with AgriWebb. 

“Managing everything with the one technology stack helps us work smarter and faster and make the best use of our time and resources. As we open up new offices around the world it provides a single view of the prospect or customer, regardless of where we are providing service from, ” said Will Bruce, Head of Sales and Operations at AgriWebb. 

Connecting with farmers at the right time, with the right information

The use of Pardot and Sales Cloud has given AgriWebb a comprehensive view of farmers and their behaviours. This includes increased tracking of leads and real-time visibility of how and when they are interacting with AgriWebb’s website. These insights are invaluable as they allow reps to reach out to farmers at the right time and have more contextual conversations. 

“Farmers are not always within easy reach of mobile reception and are incredibly busy so every opportunity we get to speak with them is critical. It helps to know when they are accessing our website or emails and then we can reach out and have more meaningful conversations specific to the content they’ve looked at,” said Bruce.   

Pardot is also being used to score leads so that sales reps can focus on those most ready to engage. This, in addition to the increased quality of conversations, has dramatically reduced the number of touch points required to onboard new customers and thereby lowered the cost of customer acquisition which is critical to AgriWebb’s growth trajectory. Future use of Pardot to personalise emails based on user personas and actions will add to these benefits and provide a better experience for farmers. 

Sustaining success

Combined improvements in people, process and technology, have helped AgriWebb drive sequential Quarter-on-Quarter growth in trials and customers and increase incremental revenue generated by sales reps 50% Year-on-Year. Now five new farmers every day are trusting AgriWebb to be their platform of choice on farm as they digitise their operations. Salesforce has also provided the business with a more disciplined and scalable model for sales to drive its continued success. This will become increasingly important as AgriWebb grows internationally and manages sales involving multiple stakeholders. 

"There’s a weekly cadence and discipline to sales which we didn’t have before Salesforce, and we are now setup to scale the business as we measure, manage and execute on our end-to-end sales process,” said Fargher.


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