Our services stretch to every corner of the market, which is both a challenge and an opportunity. Salesforce gives us a clear understanding of our customers so we can sell smarter and continue to grow.”

Robert Carlile, General Manager, Alsco Australia

Alsco Australia returns to Salesforce to discover new insights and efficiency

Step into a café, gym or hotel and there’s a great chance Alsco Australia has been there before you, and you’ll be benefitting from one of their services. As Australia’s largest full-service textiles rental partner, it provides companies of all sizes and all industries with commercial linens, uniforms, floor mats and even first aid kits. Its focus is simple: providing reliable, cost-effective and tailored services in an uncomplicated way.

“Our services stretch to every corner of the market, which is both a challenge and an opportunity. Salesforce gives us a clear understanding of our customers so we can sell smarter and continue to grow,” said Robert Carlile, General Manager of Alsco Australia.

Alsco turns full circle in search for CRM

Alsco was an early customer of Salesforce, but as its CRM needs evolved, it considered other options. The company wanted sales reps to be able to access and update information on-the-go, and – in the years pre-dating the launch of the Salesforce mobile app – it engaged a third party agency to build a custom solution over the top of the CRM it was then using.

“We believed the custom app would improve the efficiency of our sales team and give us more data from the field, but in reality there were a lot of challenges, particularly with the replication of data. Reps had information on their phones that wasn’t reflected in the CRM,” said Carlile.

The app and CRM was also entirely managed by the agency. Maintenance was costly and Alsco had to rely on this third party agency to extract and manage their data. The lack of control impacted transparency as well as agility; it was impossible to measure marketing ROI or assess how many touch points were needed to convert a new lead.

“We have 55 sales reps out in the field and we need to know that we’re in the right place, knocking on the right doors. We needed a solution that would give us that data and support our reps to be more efficient,” said Carlile.

Alsco met with Salesforce and found its mobile capabilities and reporting were now best in class and could meet its needs for real-time insights. There was no need to look anywhere else, Alsco made the switch back to Salesforce.

Salesforce App accelerates productivity

Alsco’s sales reps are now using the Salesforce App to manage thousands of monthly leads and opportunities right from their phone or iPad, wherever they are They wake up in the morning, view incoming leads and arrange their appointments before heading out to the field. All sales activity is updated in the app and instantly visible to management.

“While there’s much more we plan to do, it’s safe to say that everyone feels we’ve made a huge step forward. Our reps love having a tool that helps them manage their lists and activities, and increase sales,” said Carlile.

Lowering the cost of innovation

Alsco is now taking advantage of the Salesforce platform and ecosystem to inject more efficiency into its business and further its success. It is using Conga Composer from the AppExchange to generate attractive proposals, quickly, from within Salesforce and is exploring solutions to automate contract management. Alsco plans to explore further integration of marketing platforms and solutions to build its brand on social media and scale digital engagement and acquisition. It also wants to take advantage of capabilities like lead scoring.

“The true power of Salesforce is that it constantly reinvents itself and, as a customer, we get the benefit of that. It’s not like having a custom built solution where you need to pay for every enhancement, even if it’s just an upgrade to work with the current OS.

“It’s a platform that’ll grow with us and help us adapt as business and market needs change,”  said Carlile.


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