With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we can navigate complex layers of information to add value to every touch.”

Hayden Ruawai, Head of Customer Marketing

amaysim transforms customer engagement across 80 programmes

Mobiles and apps have redefined customers’ expectations of service. As they become increasingly savvy, companies must respond quickly and deliver experiences that are relevant and personal. How should they do it? Hayden Ruawai, amaysim’s Head of Customer Marketing, says the best approach combines real-time information and the ability to add value to every touch.

If you don’t add value or demonstrate that you’re listening, then you’re no better than spam. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud we navigate complex layers of information to add value to every touch.”

Hayden Ruawai | Head of Customer Marketing | amaysim

Aussie online mobile services provider, amaysim knows a thing or two about delivering great customer experiences. In just five years, they’ve amassed over 700,000 customers.

Since 2011, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud has performed as the company’s marketing engine room, keeping service personal, on a massive scale.

Putting data into decisions

Low-cost operators like amaysim are more agile than their heavier footed competitors, relying on fewer people and using smart technology to automate data management.

amaysim’s Head of Customer Marketing, Hayden Ruawai, heads a team of four marketers. Together they’ve architected amaysim’s customer experience, using Marketing Cloud to inject real-time customer data into communications – activity that involves around 80 broad programmes comprising hundreds of customer groups that generate around 500,000 conversations via email and text each month.

More than simply accumulating data, Marketing Cloud gives amaysim the tools to tune into customers’ changing usage habits and react automatically.

Watch and learn

amaysim pays close attention to customer habits to identify and optimise, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. For example, an amaysim customer might be better off on the UNLIMITED 7GB because they exceed their included 5GB data limit every month, or they might be interested in purchasing a data-only SIM for an additional personal device. A sensitive touch that answers the ‘what’s in it for me?’ gets customers over the line.

amaysim’s ‘Best Plan’ campaign comprises 169 micro-segments containing discrete customer groups that qualify for cross-sell or upsell communication. Ruawai’s team use the contact builder module in Marketing Cloud to automatically populate a template with exactly the right message for each micro-segment. The template is device agnostic, optimising each message for any platform.

Message recipients view amaysim’s offer and then click through to a longer form web-based presentation, complete with graphs that present a side-by-side comparison of a customer’s current and recommended plan using their actual usage data. Customers can change plans and buy additional services on the spot. Acceptance triggers a text message that asks customers to review and accept terms and conditions. A simple return ‘yes’ and they’re ready to go.

amaysim’s ‘Best Plan’ email open rates hover at just over 40%, with click-through rates of 18% resulting in a conversion rate of 6%.

“Marketing Cloud let’s us test, learn and optimise – and we can do it at scale,” said Ruawai.

Less interruption, more value

Ruawai explained that consumers don’t like being interrupted, and it’s vital for providers to make every contact count. “Sometimes it means less communication – if that’s what customers want. But to do that you’ve got to be listening in the first place,” he said.

Rauawai says smart technology has made it possible to reach a mass audience and still deliver highly personalised experiences. “In one campaign we manage 169 micro-segments. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes it easy to segment and navigate complex layers of information. It offers all the capabilities and integration points and will support our future growth.”


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