Salesforce creates connectivity across all our different channels and ensures a seamless and consistent experience for customers, whatever way they want to deal with us.”

Craig Meller, CEO

As customer loyalty moves from brand loyalty to a preference for easy, effortless experiences, businesses need to find ways to delight customers, on their terms. For AMP, this means disrupting the industry it helped build in Australia. The trailblazer was founded 167 years ago on the simple idea that 'every individual should have the power and ability to control his or her life.' It started its mission selling insurance policies off the back of a bicycle, and now operates Australia and New Zealand’s largest financial advice network. Looking to the future, it’s pivoting to the customer and what they need most.

“You look at the way the world is changing and technology is driving huge changes in customer behaviour. Customers are more knowledgeable, they’re more empowered and they expect a great experience,” said Craig Meller, CEO of AMP. “Salesforce creates the connectivity across all our different channels and ensures a seamless and consistent experience for customers, whatever way they want to deal with us.”

AMP has partnered with Salesforce to unify 40 systems into one, and help it work smarter and faster to provide a superior customer experience. It’s also leading the way in the industry with new market-shaping capabilities.

Looking back to the era where life agents travelled by horse and cart, or even camel to visit customers around the country, Craig Ryman, Group Executive, Technology and Operations at AMP, said, “We’re going back full circle if you like and trying to find that real intimacy in our customer relationships.”

AMP had been struggling to keep pace with customer expectations. Disparate systems impacted productivity as employees moved between them to service customers. AMP needed a way to connect everything – intelligently and quickly – and personalise customer engagement.

“What we’re quite clear on is we’re not just competing with the next financial services provider but all of the big tech companies that have completely redesigned the customer experience and changed our expectations as consumers,” said Meller. “Salesforce understood our pain and our opportunity and gave us a unified platform to connect our customer data and analytics capabilities in the one place.”

Financial Services Cloud is supporting AMP to become more agile and customer centric. It’s also helping AMP to shake up the experience of its advisers and reduce the burden of administration and compliance to let them focus on servicing their customers.

Ryman said it wants to make them more productive so they can spend more time servicing their clients. “By freeing advisers up from complex tasks, we can also help them grow their business through new capabilities such as artificial intelligence and better sales management.”

Trailhead is playing a crucial role in ensuring AMP’s implementation team is engaged with and excited about Salesforce and its capabilities. It will also be a key component of how AMP delivers Salesforce to the business, with opportunities for self-directed learning by new users. The implementation team has already earned more than 1,600 Trailhead badges as the business develops its own community of Trailblazers.

Now almost 12 months into its transformation, AMP is increasingly confident that its strategy will help it differentiate itself and expand into new international markets. It also wants to make financial advice accessible to everyone, enabling all customers to own their future.

“Salesforce understands our direction and is leaning in to support and help make our vision a reality. We know our clients better than ever before and are connecting with them in a whole new way,” said Ryman.


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