Anne Street Partners

Salesforce positions us to offer new and expanded services to our clients.”

Michael Adamson, Chief Executive Officer

Reaching New Heights in Service and Efficiency

Anne Street Partners has spent the last fifteen years helping Australians reach their financial goals. As specialists in tailored financial advice, they appreciate the value of understanding and connecting with their customers. That’s just one reason Anne Street Partners turned to Salesforce when it was time to replace its CRM.

Melinda Sheppard, Chief Financial Officer of Anne Street Partners said, “It was essentially broken. We couldn’t quickly or easily mine the database for the information we needed. Our advisers had no way of accessing information on the go. They just weren’t as efficient as they could be and that stymied growth.”

Melinda said, “We looked at different solutions but knew that a straight CRM wasn’t going to cut it. We wanted a tool that would help everyone in the business be more efficient. We loved the concept of bringing sales and service closer together through Salesforce Platform.”

Anne Street Partners now has 180 employees across Australia on Salesforce Platform. Using the Service Cloud built on Salesforce Platform is simplifying management of the customer lifecycle. From first contact through to on boarding and client management, every interaction is tracked in Service Cloud. It’s improving lead management and reporting and delivering greater customer insights to speed customer service on an upward trajectory.

The company is also using the Salesforce1 Mobile app which lets them sell and service clients from anywhere. It’s driving efficiency through the roof and giving Anne Street Partners a solid platform for growth.

Michael Adamson, CEO said, “One of the things that appeals to us about Salesforce is that it allows us to remain agile and innovative. There’s this whole ecosystem of easy to use apps connected with Salesforce Platform that you can use to run your business and solve different challenges. Why shouldn’t a financial services business be able to perform every business task as easily from a phone or tablet as from a desktop, for example?”

Salesforce Chatter is also sending efficiency skywards. Transparency and a central repository for information is proving to be invaluable and Chatter is without doubt the best way of keeping everyone on top of leads and client transactions as they happen.

“We want to be a one stop shop for our clients. That means everyone having access to the same client data – whether they’re a mortgage broker or financial adviser,” Melinda said.

Anne Street Partners expects the productivity benefits to triple over the next 12 to 18 months as the platform is rolled out to additional business units. It also has other plans for the platform.

Adamson said, “Salesforce is a significant investment in the long-term growth of our business. More importantly, it’s an investment that puts our clients first. Salesforce Platform will help us connect with our clients in more ways and become more mobile and social. It’ll position us to offer new and expanded services to our clients.”

Already the platform is helping Anne Street Partners engage with its clients. Just weeks into using Salesforce, enhanced reporting made it clear advisers were missing out on opportunities.

“The reporting showed we had a lot of clients we had not touched base with in several years. So we took action and got in touch. As a result we now have multiple clients who we’re actively doing business with again.”


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